Mon Jun 11 2012, 6:00pm
District Meeting Room
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WMS Report

Date:            5/28/2012
To:                 Michael Green, Superintendent
From:           Cari Thomson

RE:                 WMS Summary of Teaching and Learning -may

May has quickly come and gone and WMS is on the final stretch!

MSP testing in May was in both the on-line format and paper and pencil.  Students had a choice of how the wanted the assessment delivered.  Thing went smoothly and testing ended without a hitch.  The EOC completed the testing window on May 30. 

I attended a Common Cores Standard Workshop in May with a district cadre facilitated by Asha.  We will be developing a plan to implement core standards in our practices. 

We are still finalizing out master schedule and trying to get ready for next year.    

Mondays have revolved around reflection of professional development time and goal setting for departments for next year. 

The staff and students at WMS have had a great year and deserve a great summer break!