The Woodland School District offers a variety of services to students ages 3 years to 21 years with communication needs. These services are provided by nationally certified speech-language pathologists (speech therapists).

As part of a collaborative team, consisting of parents, teachers, special educators, psychologists and motor therapists, the school speech pathologist has several responsibilities. These responsibilities include helping teachers identify students who are at risk for speech, language or hearing problems and collaborating with teachers and parents to promote opportunities for successful communication in the classroom and at home. Speech pathologists evaluate students who are identified by teachers and parents as having communication difficulties, with standardized assessments and informal measures.

Woodland's speech pathologists provide research based therapy to individuals, small and large groups in the classroom or therapy room to appropriately address the needs of those students identified with difficulties in language understanding, verbal expression, speech sound production, fluency, vocal quality and/or hearing, which negatively impacts their educational performance. In addition, these speech pathologists screen our student's hearing annually as mandated by law and make appropriate follow-ups and referrals for hearing difficulties. Finally, as part of a redesign effort of Woodland Schools the speech pathologists are participating in collaborative meetings and interventions to support reading progress of all of our students.

Please feel free to contact our Speech Pathologists for further information:

Shelby Linnemeyer Grades PK-4  360-841-2924
Kaprice Widener Grades K-4 360-841-2778
Jessica Beers Grades 5-6  360-841-2698
Ryan O'Haver Grades 7-12 360-841-2994