As of July 28, 2019, a new state law removes the personal and philosophical option to exempt children from the MMR vaccine required for school and child care attendance. Medical and religious exemptions are not affected by this new law. The Washington State Legislature passed House Bill 1638 that removes the personal and philosophical option to exempt children from the MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine required for school and child care entry. The bill was signed into law (RCW 28A.210.080) by Gov. Jay Inslee on May 10, 2019.

Children without a medical or religious exemption will need two doses of MMR vaccine to be allowed into school. Because MMR vaccine doses must be administered at least a month apart, your child may be entered into school if they have paperwork showing at least one dose of MMR vaccine by the beginning of the school year. This will place your child under conditional status for up to 30 days, at which point you will need to provide records showing your child received the second dose of vaccine.

Where to get the MMR vaccine

Students who are 18 years old and younger and have no medical insurance or medical coupons may receive immunizations at: Sea Mar Medical Clinics 

Below are their clinic locations, however, you can also check for the clinic nearest you from their website:

  • 6100 NE Fourth Plain Blvd. (360) 947-2550
  • 7410 E Delaware Lane (360) 566-4402
  • 14508 NE 20 th Ave., Suite 102 (360) 852-9070

Frequently Asked Questions and Additional Information

You can find more information at the WA Department of Health (DOH) exemption law change web page, including a  Frequently Asked Question database regularly updated by the Department of Health from the following webpage:

For additional information on Woodland Public Schools policy, refer to Policy No. 3413 Student Immunization and Life-Threatening Health Conditions.

If you have additional questions, please call the school nurse at your student’s school:

  • Kerri Six, BSN, RN – District Nurse - (360) 841-2837
  • Sherri Music, LPN – Woodland Middle School – (360) 841-2850
  • Sherri Music, LPN – North Fork Elementary – (360) 841-2750
  • Kerri Six, BSN, RN – Columbia Elementary – (360) 841-2900