District Calendars (PDF Documents)

Key district wide dates such as the start of school, holidays and non-student days.

2023 ~ 2024 English 2023 ~ 2024 Spanish
2024 ~ 2025 English 2024 ~ 2025 Spanish
2025 ~ 2026 English 2025 ~ 2026 Spanish

District & School Events (Online Calendars)

Specific district and school events can be found on our online calendars

Athletic Calendars

For athletic events check under the Athletics Schedules links in the High School Athletics page.

Further athletics details can be found here

Facility Use Calendars

To use any of our facilities, check to see if the building is in use for the date and time of your event. If not in use, contact 360-841-2700.

Please note that school activities preempt any facilities usage.