1. Will Unsafe/Inappropriate Websites Be Filtered on the Devices?

We do our best to ensure your child’s online experience is safe. Each student that uses their district-issued device will be filtered and tracked regardless of whether they are on or off campus. Our web filters are configured to block inappropriate content as required by law.
While filtering software continues to improve, the best filter is adult guidance. It is best practice to have students work in communal areas at home. If you suspect or discover any inappropriate web activity, please contact your child’s teacher, building principal or assistant principal. Inappropriate web browsing (obscene, violent or harassing) is a violation of the district’s Authorized Use Policy and may result in disciplinary action.

2. Will the District Provide a Case for the Devices?

The district will provide an optional carry case to students that wish to use one. This is padded and reinforced to protect the district-issued device. If the student has a backpack with a padded laptop compartment (most do now) this will also be suitable for transporting the device. We strongly recommend that students have one or the other and don’t carry the device around unprotected.

3. How Long Will the Student Keep the Device?

The issued device should last the student for their entire middle or high school career (middle school students will receive a new device when they enter high school). Families will keep the device over the summer to avoid having to check it in and out again, but will be able to check it in if needed.

4. What if the Device is Damaged?

Families will be responsible for damages/losses of the device. However, we offer an optional Device Assurance Program that can provide an inexpensive solution for families to lessen the financial burden if an accident or theft occurs. While the assurance is not mandatory it is recommended. The cost is a one-time expense for the student’s time at each school (middle and high, you pay once at each school), with a 50% reduction for students on free or reduced lunch. If you opt into this program a “fee” for the appropriate amount will be placed on your student’s school account.

5. What is the Current Replacement Cost?

Full replacement cost is currently around $250. If a lost/stolen device is recovered any payments will be reimbursed.