The resource room at Columbia Elementary serves students in grades k-1. We partner with parents and classroom teachers to make the most of each student’s early learning years. Instruction may be given in small groups, whether using a push in or pull out model for students identified to need specially designed instruction in one of more of the following areas: reading, writing, mathematics, fine/gross motor and social or behavioral skills. Some students are able to maintain success in the general education setting without extra support in one or more of these areas, which we also support.

The resource team, consisting of a special education teacher and an instructional assistant work closely with the classroom teacher, our SLP (for speech) and OT (for occupational therapy) to develop the best plan to meet each student’s individual needs and learning styles. All academic curriculum used in our classroom is research based and aligned with the Common Core Standards.

For more information regarding the Resource Room at Columbia Elementary please contact Lorie Vogel: