Watch a quick tutorial on how Woodland students will be accessing Google Meets


Dealing with Internet bandwidth problems during a Meet

Make sure you're not using unnecessary bandwidth elsewhere

If you are experiencing call quality problems first of all check that no one else in the house is using something like YouTube or Netflix at the same time. Try to preserve as much bandwidth as possible for the student(s) on a Meet currently. Also, make sure you don't have too many other tabs open on your own Chromebook, that can cause problems as well.

Turn off "Tiled" or "Grid" view

Displaying more video streams at once is being reported to consume more bandwidth, so select the "spotlight" layout option to see if that improves things.

Turn off your video

If you are still struggling connectivity wise in the Meet, turn off your video feed (press the camera button in the bottom middle). This will reduce how much bandwidth Meet requires, and hopefully it will be sufficient for you to be able to hear and be heard. Your teacher's video will still be displayed to you, so you'll still see them, the other students, and anything that is presented.

Call by phone

You can use a phone for the audio part of the Meet, and Google will actually call you to make the connection if you want (or you can choose to call in yourself). You can still have the computer show the Meeting to get the video feed of what the teacher is presenting.

When entering the Meet

Or already in the Meet