Click here to nominate an employee for the Employee of Excellence Award!

Any colleague, student, parent, or community member may submit a nomination.

Woodland Public Schools invites its employees and the entire Woodland community to nominate employees to receive Employee Excellence Awards!

The Excellence Award recognizes individual employees for creating a positive, caring, and productive school environment through exceptional effort, dedication, or performance in their areas of responsibility.

Past Years' Winners

Bertha Bourke
Bertha Bourke
Donna Carnes
Donna Carnes
Pam Dietrich
Pam Dietrich
Nicole Galloway
Nicole Galloway
Kim Gustainis
Kim Gustainis
Eric Jacobson
Eric Jacobson
Laura Perry
Laura Perry
Michael Green and Ryan O'Haver
Ryan O'Haver - WEA
Michael Green and Christine Olson
Christine Olson - KWRL
Michael Green andDonna Sheppard
Donna Sheppard - Non-Rep
Michael Green  and Cindy Thoeny
Cindy Thoeny - WSA
Michael Green, Travis Borders & Will Weaver
Travis Borders & Will Weaver - SEIU
Michael Green and Jennifer Crosby
Jennifer Crosby - WEA
Michael Green and Bob Lute
Bob Lute - KWRL
Michael Green and Stephanie Patterson
Stephanie Patterson - WPS
Michael Green and Crystal Roskoski
Crystal Roskoski - WSA
Michael Green and Frank Springer - SEIU
Frank Springer - SEIU
Michael Green and D'Ann Horrocks
D'Ann Horrocks
Michael Green and Judy Lute
Judy Lute
Michael Green and Michelle McLaughlin
Michelle McLaughlin
Michael Green and Cathy Nielsen
Cathy Nielsen
Michael Green and Tish Brand
Tish Brand
Michael Green and Mary Burnett
Mary Burnett
Michael Green and Christie Caffall
Christie Caffall
Michael Green and Katie Klaus
Katie Klaus