Click on this helpdesk link to access the help desk system.

For instructions on how to use the help desk system please visit our help desk wiki page.

Some usage tips:

  1. Use a meaningful subject title - This helps both as we look at lists of tickets, but also as you get emails regarding progress. When you get the final email to say your issue is resolved, if there isn't a clear subject there you won't know what it was for.
  2. Be as descriptive of your problem as you can be - The more information you can give us about the problem the less back and forth will be needed, and it will likely be quicker resolve the problem. Give us error messages, screenshots and/or a clear narrative of what is wrong.
  3. Let us know when a good contact time is - We may still need to contact you or pop by. Please let us know what times work for you. We have a new field for that when you enter a ticket through the website. If you are just emailing please add that information to your email.
  4. You can add information to an existing ticket, don't open a new one on the same topic - You can add information or make comments on existing tickets by either replying to one of the helpdesk emails on that ticket, or by going into the helpdesk website and finding your existing ticket.
  5. Don't reply to the final resolved message with thanks - The way our system works a reply to the resolved message reopens the ticket. The purpose is to report if it really isn't fixed, the reopened ticket shows up and we know we're not done. I'm always happy when folks say thanks, but please save it for when you see us in person!