Email Access using Gmail

To access your District Gmail go to and enter your full email address and Google password.

You can also go to where you just have to enter your username and Google password, you won't have to enter your full email address.


For Skyward access click Skyward for Woodland Public Schools.


To access our Student Information and Progress System click

At the login screen enter your username and your WSD network password.

Google Apps

To access Google Apps either use the Gmail link above, or use

A login screen will appear. Enter your username and your Google password.

For tutorials visit the Google Apps Wiki.

Voice Mail Online

Access your voice mail here Use the Firefox web browser, not Chrome.

You can listen to your voice mail, and if you have a microphone on your PC or Mac you can leave voice mail for other users of the system right from your computer. To log in enter your network username (for example smithj) and network password (the same one you use for your computer).

For more details instructions click on this link to view our wiki article.

You can also access your voice mail from another phone by dialing your own district phone number and pressing * when you hear your own message. It will ask for your ID, that's your telephone extension, and then your voice mail PIN.

Other Staff Links

Most of these will require a District login.