At the Woodland Middle School's resource room, we strive to create an atmosphere in which students feel empowered to learn. Students are scheduled into resource room classes during their regular school day, as opposed to being taken out of a class to receive additional help. There is a high level of communication between the regular education teachers and the special education teacher in order to ensure students' needs are being met in all classes.

Specific subjects taught as resource classes, are written language, study skills, reading, and math. All classes are differentiated to meet the individual needs of the students and delivered in small groups. The curriculum used in English Language Arts includes the SRA direct instruction reading program rewards our districts new Pearson common core literature texts. The math curriculum used is Engage New York and Acellus, which is a computer-based learning program. Curriculum is not limited to these programs and is supplemented with high interest lessons and activities.

In this program, the expectations are high. Students are expected to be active participants in their learning, to build from their strengths, and to become stronger self-advocates. The Woodland Middle School staff is there to support the students in their personal and academic growth.

Please feel free to call Rebecca Blanshan 5th-6th grade, or Geoff Odin 7th-8th grade,, at Woodland Middle School, 360-841-2850 with your questions or for further information about the Resource Room.