Welcome to TEAM
High School

The mission of TEAM High School is to provide a different path for students to experience success and accomplishment in school, preparing them to hold a productive place in their communities. TEAM High School supports the Woodland School District's mission by providing a nontraditional educational program.

Learning Programs

Our students select classes from a full range of core academic subjects and electives. They are expected to complete at least six credits per year, working on two classes during each six week marking period. Each course has specific requirements which, when completed, signal the granting of credit. Many students earn more than the minimum expectation. Poor work is not accepted, but returned to the student for improvement. Grades below a "C" are not granted.

Students attend one of five daily sessions lasting two hours, and contract to do another 22 hours of home study each week. Any absences must be made up.

The primary curriculum is APEX; a computer-based program. Students may access their lessons at home through a high-speed Internet connection. All courses are correlated to Washington State Standards (i.e., EALRs and GLEs).

Healthy Youth Survey

Woodland and TEAM High Schools will participate in the 2016 Healthy Youth Survey during the weeks of October 10th to 21st. The survey asks questions about risk for injury, health outcomes, and alcohol and drug use. Schools, communities and state and local health departments use survey results to support our youth and reduce their risks. The Healthy Youth Survey is voluntary and anonymous. For more information see the attached flyer.


Dan Uhlenkott

Certificated Teachers:
Jillian Jacobs - English and Social Studies
Elizabeth Vallaire - Math and Science

Instructional Aide:
Mary Burnett

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TEAM High School
Principal, Dan Uhlenkott
759 3rd Street
Woodland, WA 98674

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Local Homeless Student Liaison: Asha Riley
Phone: 360-841-2708
Email: rileya@woodlandschools.org

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