For Prospective Families:

Is TEAM a GED program?

No! TEAM is a public high school, and TEAM students work towards earning a regular high school diploma. The diplomas are the same as the diplomas issued by Woodland High School.

What does TEAM look like?

TEAM serves approximately 150 students. There are two teachers at TEAM: An English and History teacher, and a Science and Health teacher. Students come into the portable building for at least 1 hour per week with their charged Chromebooks and work independently on their online courses. Teachers' primary duties are to offer clarification, resources, and study tips.

Does TEAM follow the regular Woodland School District calendar?

Yes, with a couple exceptions! We observe all regular school closures and break schedules, visible here. TEAM is open to students Tuesday - Friday from 8am - 5pm. Additionally, since we send parents an update every Monday, we do not do early release for Parent Teacher conferences, and are open normal 8am - 5pm hours on those days.

Is TEAM right for my family?

Many TEAM families chose home study for a change of pace for their student: more flexibility, fewer distractions, facing unique challenges or opportunities during a season of life.  Other students attend TEAM for credit recovery, to graduate early, or to reduce some of the distractions of the traditional classroom setting.

Each family has a unique story, which we do our best to understand and support.

Successful TEAM students are self-starters, and can set and follow a school schedule for themselves. They are able to teach themselves by going through course material independently, and are good communicators who check their school email regularly and reach out to their teachers when necessary.

We communicate to families primarily through email, and TEAM parents are expected to regularly check and review emailed communications from the school.

How can TEAM help my child succeed?

We get that all students are different!  Here's how we can help:

  1. Flexible scheduling:  Students work individually, with minimal required class time (the majority of schoolwork can be completed from home!) and a weekly contact check-in with teachers. Students can always come to TEAM more frequently as needed. We are open 8am until 5pm, Tuesday - Friday to accommodate family schedules and student need.  
  2. Personal attention from trained teachers.  Checking in with a teacher is required each week, and we make a point of getting to know you uniquely so we can cheer you on and troubleshoot as needed. With advance notice, we can set up time to work with students on specific assignments during school hours.
  3. Weekly Communication.  Families and students get emailed a weekly report of how their child is doing. As families have questions, we respond to email during school hours. 
  4. Opportunities to recover credits. Students can work as quickly as they would like on their classes. Students who work hard are able to catch up on credits in order to graduate on time, or even early in many cases.
How does the program work?

To start, each family works with a grade-level teacher to outline a student learning plan with goals and subjects for the semester.  We talk about specific concerns and needs and how to address them.  Students take Math, English, Science, Social Studies, PE, and other courses for approximately 6 hours a day of learning.  Depending on space, co-enrollment at Woodland mainstream schools for courses is an option for TEAM students.  

Each school day at home, students work toward daily goals in our learning program: Apex Learning.  The expectation is that students should work on each subject for at least 1 hour per day.  All assessments must be mastered at 70% or above for a student to progress in that course.  A student's individualized Apex calendar is a good guideline, though students may work ahead of their due dates.  

Each week, students check in with their teacher.  Over Google Classrooms, students identify what's going well, work through any challenges, and see how teachers can help troubleshoot or support the next week's learning.

Each Monday, families are emailed a progress report to show whether they've made satisfactory weekly progress in the learning programs.  This means:

  • Students complete lessons at mastery level (70%+)
  • Students have made progress in all of their subjects
  • Students have adequate in-person attendance
  • Students are on-time in the program, achieving monthly goals
  • Students have weekly conversations with their teachers about their learning

Students with a good routine of working every school day, staying on time in their learning programs, and staying in communication with teachers weekly are successful with TEAM.  

What system requirements do we need?

Our learning programs assume that students are accessing the system via their district-issued Chromebook and broadband internet.

For the 2023-2024 school year, all Woodland high-school-level students will be offered a school Chromebook.  

When using a Chromebook, students will need reliable internet and Wi-Fi to access their learning programs.

How much parent/guardian involvement is required?

We ask that parents review their student's emailed weekly progress report, and ensure their student is attending school regularly. If your student is struggling, we may ask you to attend meetings to come up with a plan to get them back on track and find a solution for your student.

TEAM staff works with each family to come up with solutions to barriers to school.

How do TEAM teachers help?

As a parent/guardian, you will receive a regular, weekly email from your TEAM teacher that summarizes your student's progress and attendance. In addition, Apex emails parents a weekly summary of students' course progression.  For urgent questions about material, call us at 360-841-2742 or email a TEAM staff member.

We are enthusiastic classroom teachers who love thinking with you about how to help students be successful.  We can help answer questions, address learning needs, equip you with online or hands-on resources,  and find fun ways of practicing key grade level skills. As needed, we can offer in-person support to students, review student work, and help students develop study habits and strategies to be successful in school. 

Weekly Teacher-Student contact is a requirement. Students are expected to communicate with teachers via weekly Google Classroom reflections, with meetings and other support scheduled as needed.  The most important part of Weekly Contact is that it happens weekly, and is focused on schoolwork: troubleshooting, encouraging, teaching study skills, and giving feedback.  

I'm concerned that my student has gaps in their learning from last year or generally.

We meet students wherever they are at, and develop a plan to help them graduate on time (or early!) This means that all courses and due dates are designed uniquely for your student, to help them achieve their academic goals.

My student likes a challenge/works above grade level.  Will this be challenging enough for them?

Yes!  We match curriculum to students' ability levels.  They are always welcome to work ahead.  We have many students graduate high school one or even two years early.

My student has an IEP/504 Plan/Special Needs.  Can TEAM address those?

In some cases, TEAM is a great fit since it's individualized. Many common supports listed in 504 Plans are already built into our structure and available to all students.  Be sure to note your student's supports and needs on your application and a TEAM staff member will discuss options with you.

We're interested!  What do we do next?
  1. Register with the Woodland district registrar by clicking here.
  2. When we receive your application, we will call to schedule an interview, and set a start date. 
  3. A TEAM teacher will work with your student on their first day to get them oriented and set up with classes. 

For applications submitted over summer break, your interview will wait until District staff is back to work in the fall.

How does Truancy work at TEAM?

If a student fails to meet their required in-person attendance in a week, they will be marked as having unexcused absences, and may be placed on a Plan for Improvement (PFI), Intervention Plan (IP), Academic Contract (AC), or other disciplinary action. Repeated failure to attend TEAM for the minimum required in-person requirements will result in referral to the district Truancy Specialist.

TEAM is able to automatically notify parents by email when their student arrives at and leaves school each day. Contact your student's case manager if you would like to receive these alerts.

For more information on attendance and truancy policies, see the TEAM student handbook.

Truancy (BECCA) & Compulsory Attendance

Washington State’s truancy law, known as the Becca Bill, requires the school district and the juvenile court to take specific actions when youth are truant.

One-half of a student’s school day will be considered as Becca unexcused absence.  Parents concerned about your student’s unexcused absences can insist that your child attends school, keep in contact with the school about your child’s attendance, attend scheduled conferences and follow the attendance agreement developed for your child.  If you feel your child is “out of control” and you would like to enlist the help of the courts, feel free to contact the Cowlitz County Juvenile Court Services at 360.577.3100.