Woodland School District wants the best for its students - success at whatever they choose to do in life.

To ensure this success, our students and parents must be familiar with the four new statewide graduation requirements established by the Washington State Board of Education. The Woodland School District has further defined these requirements, which are outlined below. All students in our district will be held accountable to these requirements.


High School Graduation Requirements - Policy No. 2410

Culminating Project

This integrated learning project helps students understand the connection between school and the real world by studying a topic they like and presenting their findings to teachers and community members. Detailed information on this project can be found by clicking this Culminating Project  link.

Certificate of Mastery

Students must pass all State assessments.

Class Credit

TEAM High School students have the same requirements for credits as Woodland High School Students (see those here) except at TEAM they will be doing different courses (those from Apex).

High School and Beyond Education Plan

Students must detail their plans for meeting the high school graduation requirements and what they expect to do one year after graduation. The intent is to help students identify post-secondary interests (education, travel, military, work, etc.) by thinking about their future and providing a motivation for their work in school.