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Partners in Transition serves students that are between the ages of 18-21 and have a developmental delay. It is staffed by one teacher and two instructional assistants. These staff members assist within the academic setting as well as on the job training.

This program operates within a house setting that is next to our district office. Students will gain experience in transition, community access, employment, academic, social and life skills. These young adults will participate in a variety of work experiences and community activities throughout the school year. These job sites may be on campus or within our community.

Partners in Transition runs their own businesses as well! Students will be a part of personalized grocery shopping, baking dog treats, and detailing cars. The funds from these businesses are used for some of the community activities that the students participate in!

Academic goals from their IEP's are addressed through activities with an emphasis on real world learning.

For recreational needs, our students workout at a local gym facility, take walks in and out of our community, visit local businesses, parks, community centers and public libraries. Once a year, our students research and plan an extended day field trip. In the past, we have had trips to the beach, aquarium, Gorge, museum, and Bullwinkle's Family Center!

It is our goal to:

Provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment for each young adult. This in turn will assist in the development of necessary skills, leading to an independent life.

D'Ann Horrocks
Transition Teacher

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