At Woodland High School the special education case managers for 9-12 grade special education students begin as their case managers in 9th grade and stay with them until they graduate.

The special education teachers teach students with specific learning disabilities, emotional or behavioral disabilities, and/or health impairments. The teacher also collaborates a team that helps figure out ways for ALL students to succeed in Woodland High School (usually this team of experts consists of a School Psychologist, Guidance Counselor, Building Principal, Regular Education Teacher, Parent, Student, District Office Representative, and the Case Manager).

At WHS, we recognize that some of our students have a disability that may inhibit their success in regular "high school" education. That's when the teacher steps in and helps coordinate the team to design both an individual curriculum as well as an instructional approach that will help to set up that student to succeed. If this team determines that the individualized curriculum and specially designed instruction ought to happen in a smaller, closer-knit classroom (we call it the "Resource Classroom"), the teacher may be entrusted as not only the "Case-Manager" but also the basic skills teacher.

The special education teachers teach reading, writing, and math. The teacher provides students with the essential skills they will need to be successful in the classroom and after graduation. Students need to master a skill before moving on to the next skill. The WHS resource classroom for Math and for English "looks and feels" like any other Math or English class at WHS; however, it operates in a more individualized and specialized way, fine tuned by the students in the class.

Case managers ensure that all accommodations and modifications are implemented in all classrooms. Case managers make their rooms available for students to take tests and complete projects and assignments.

Please feel free to call Devon Fliss (Case Manager and specialist in Reading, Writing, and Transition),, or Jody Flanagan (Case Manager and specialist in Math),, at Woodland High School, 360-841-2800 with your questions or for further information about the Resource Room.