School Closures

Inclement weather, hazardous road conditions, school facility problems or other emergencies can always cause school delays or closures. The decision to close schools is made by the Superintendent or his authorized representative.

Woodland Snow Routes

Visit the Woodland Public Schools Snow Route Summary page on for snow route information.


We have added an alert feature to our website. Alerts will show up in a pink bar for urgent news, such as school closures, and a yellow bar for information only (example-changes to game times and schedules). The alert bars will be displayed across the top any page.

School Messenger

Woodland Public Schools has implemented a new telephone notification system that will be used in the event of changes to school schedules, cancellation of school or school emergencies, student absences, low lunch balances, bus schedule changes and similar events. On mornings with school delays, you can expect a telephone call around 7:00 am. If you wish to know of school schedule changes prior to that time, you may wish to listen to the radio or watch the morning news; as those changes will be broadcast there, too. This website will post alerts, also (see above-Alerts). Please make sure your phone number is current by contacting your school secretary.


For accurate, up to the minute information on the latest school closures, go to .

Other Media

School closure and delay information also will be given to the following radio and television stations:

AM Radio
FM Radio
KEX 1190 AM
KUPL 1330 AM
KUIK 1360 AM
KBPS 1450 AM
KBVM 88.3 FM
KBPS 89.9 FM
KOPB 91.5 FM
KGON 92.3 FM
KNRK 94.7 FM
KXL 95.5 FM
KUPL 98.5 FM
KKRZ 100.3 FM
KUFO 101.1 FM
KINK 101.9 FM
KKCW 103.3 FM
KFIS 104.1 FM
KRSK 105.1 FM
KLTH 106.7 FM
KVMX 107.5 FM

KATU - Channel 2
KOIN - Channel 6
KGW - Channel 8
KPTV - Channel 12
PPS TV - Channel 28

How Do I Learn about School Schedule Changes?

The determination to delay the start of, or close schools is made very early in the morning. The target is to make the decision no later than 5:30. Once the decision is made there are four different types of communication set up.

  1. The announcement is posted on our website in a red bar across the top of each page.
  2. The announcement is set up through the regional "FlashAlert" system. The Woodland Public Schools uses FlashAlert, an Internet-based system for delivering changes in schedule to the news media.
    Message delivery has been extended directly to the public through FlashAlert Messenger. You may self-register and manage up to three home or office email and/or cell phone text message addresses - and your Twitter address, too - and receive emergency information just minutes after we post it, at no cost to you.

    To get started, go to and click on our region on the map. Choose our organization category and then our name. You start the subscription process by filling in your email address.

    You may enter one or two more email or cell text addresses. After entering them, you will launch a validation message to each address. You must obtain the two-letter code in the message and post it back into your account to validate that address. This is done to make sure that your messages will reach you.

  3. An automated telephone call is set up to ring the primary telephones we have listed in our student database. These automated calls go out between 6:30 and 7:00 am.
  4. Radio/Television stations receive the Flash Alert messages and broadcast closures regularly. In some cases they miss districts and do not broadcast all of them.

If you have need to receive messages on schedule changes before 6:30, please consider using methods 1-2. If you can not, because of lack of cell phone coverage, television/radio, or internet we will be happy to put you on a special call list that rings phones at about 5:30 am. If you wish to be put on this call list, please send a request to Nicole Galloway, or call her at 360-841-2703. Be sure to include the phone number you wish to have called.

WCC Late Starts and Closures

  • WCC is closed for morning care on late start mornings.
  • WCC is closed if school is closed.

If school is dismissed early for any reason, parents of WCC children must pick up their children within 2 hours of dismissal.