North Fork Elementary's resource room is an environment that is friendly, positive, and conducive to student learning. Our classroom and program utilize small group instruction to meet students' individual needs and learning styles. We assist students in the general education setting as well. We provide support for reading, writing, math, study skills, and social skills. For reading instruction, we use a variety of direct instruction curriculum depending on the students' needs. Some of our students with a reading IEP receive their core reading in the general education setting and may or may not get additional support from the resource room staff.

Almost all of our students in math receive their core math instruction in the general education setting. The resource room staff provides additional support during the school-wide extension block. We assist students with their classroom work and help them work on skills they may be struggling with that are related to grade level math standards.

Our resource room instructors support what students are doing in their classrooms for writing and also provide additional instruction on areas of weakness.

Students are encouraged and pushed to reach their goals in a positive, nurturing atmosphere. Students' strengths are celebrated! We work on building student self-esteem and increasing their confidence in themselves and their ability to learn. The resource room staff is dedicated to providing a rich, welcoming environment that encourages student academic growth.

Please feel free to contact Heather Starkey at North Fork Elementary, at or Kelly Sypher, at or 360-841-2750 with your questions, or for further information about the resource room.