Physical and Occupational Therapy Services (PT/OT) are available for students that meet specific qualifications as determined by the Special Education Team. The services that are provided at the school are different than the PT/OT services one might receive through the medical field. The goal of PT/OT services in the school are to enhance and facilitate the educational and school experience. Many students also receive PT/OT services through their private insurance as prescribed by their physician. This is highly recommended for students with multiple or complicated needs. The school therapists can coordinate with the outside school therapists to help the student experience school in the best possible way.

The focus for therapy in the schools can include but not be limited to the following:

  • full campus access
  • increased attention in class
  • increased readiness to learn
  • increased participation in Physical Education
  • identifying best learning styles and practices
  • functional written communication
  • appropriate adaptations for learning
  • participating with and at the level of the students peers
  • increased independence

Please feel free to contact our Special Services Office for further information 360-841-2722.