Charging your Device

Chromebook with a charging cable plugged in

Be sure to plug your device in to charge every evening so that when you bring the device to school it is fully charged. If you miss a charge the chances are that the Chromebook will still make it through the day. The library will have chargers available for checkout, and locations where you can sit and charge your Chromebook.

Typically a charging Chromebook will light a yellow or red LED, and a charged Chromebook will light a green or white LED.

How to Connect to WiFi

When in the District, your Chromebook will automatically connect to our network. Connecting to WiFi elsewhere is very straight-forward, just click on the time in the bottom right, select the WiFi options and connect to the network (see video).

How to Connect Your Own Printer

This online tutorial shows the steps needed to connect your home printer to your Chromebook, should you want to. Set Up Your Printer

Working Offline

Google Chrome not available offline sample error message

If you don't have access to WiFi at some point you can still make use of your Chromebook if you have turned on "offline access" in Gmail and Drive, but you need to have turned this on before you need access to that important document! Note, we have already installed the required extension for you, but you still need to go in to Google Drive and check the box in the "Offline" area, see the link above for full instructions.

Keeping it Safe

Use a sleeve to protect your chromebook

Your Chromebook should always be transport in a padded sleeve, a Chromebook bag, or a padded compartment in a backpack.

Be careful not to leave the device on the floor or a seat where it might get stepped or sat on!

Don't close the Chromebook with anything inside it, that could crack the screen.

Cleaning your Device

Use a damp cloth to clean your chromebook

Use only a soft damp cloth to clean your Chromebook, never use harsh chemicals or abrasives. Products designed specifically for cleaning electronic devices can also be used.

Don't apply any stickers or other decoration to your device.