In order for athletes to be eligible, they must meet the following criteria:Fast pitch players huddled up

  • Participation Fee ($75 per sport). If your athlete qualifies for free/reduced lunch or is part of the collegebound program they may qualify for a fee waiver. Please contact the athletic dept (841.2800) for more information.
  • ASB Fee ($25 once annually)
  • Registration on our Family ID website (see link below)
  • Current physical (athlete, parent and physician signature required)
  • Proof of insurance
  • Scholastic and WIAA eligibility (see athletic handbook)
  • All past due items must be cleared

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We offer online registration for our athletes through Family ID - use this link to sign up for Beaver Strength and WHS Summer Athletic Programs. 

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Visit our athletic page at You can also go to the District IV website for league and district information.Wrestling Team

For tools that you can use to foster growth in your athlete, download the "12 week talking points" attachment from the Schedules, Forms and Documents link at the bottom of the page. You'll find great resources you can use throughout the season.

Parents play a huge role in creating a positive experience for our athletes. NFHS offers a free Positive Sport Parenting Course and a Parent Self-Assessment that are both informative, and here is a video that every parent of an athlete should watch as well:

Probation contracts and study hall sheets can be downloaded at the Schedules, Forms and Documents link at the bottom of the page.

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Sports Passes

We offer annual sports passes good for all home events (ms and hs). Families are $100 (parents + immediate family 18 and under) and individuals are $50. If you go to a lot of home events, this is a great way to save some money - inquire at the WHS main office. We also offer an annual senior pass (62 and over) for only $10.

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Concussion Awareness

With the passage of the Lystedt Law in 2009, an emphasis was placed on concussion awareness in athletics. The following video does a great job of explaining concussions. Concussion Video

College Sports

If you aspire to participate in college athletics at the Division I or II level, you must familiarize yourself with the NCAA eligibility requirements at


Paul Huddleston
Athletic Director

ASB Card and Athletic Participation Data

ASB Card and Athletic Participation Data


# of High School Students Enrolled at WHS (as of 10/1/2020) 795
# of Students from Low-Income Families (as of 10/1/2020) 333
Total # of High School Students with ASB Card 795
# of Students from Low-Income Families with ASB Card 333
# of high school students participating in an athletic program (as of 5/15/2021) 275
# of high school students from low-income families participating in an athletic program
(as of 5/15/2021)
ASB Card Possession Opportunity Gap 0% Gap Plan Required? No
Extracurricular Participation Opportunity Gap 15% Gap Plan Required? No
List of optional noncredit extracurricular event attendance and participation fees

Cost per Student

Purchase amount of an ASB card for high school students (general population price) $0.00
Athletic Program Participation Fees $0.00
Social School Events (Plays, Concerts, Dances, etc.) $0.00
Sports Events (Game Admission, etc.) $0.00
Day Field Trip $0.00
Multi-Day Trips/Overnight Travel $0.00
District policy for waiving and reducing noncredit extracurricular event attendance and participation fees as described under RCW 28A.325.010


Click here to visit website for explanation

 Click here to download a PDF of the above table

Attached Files:
12_week_talking_points.pdf application/pdf 98.1K
2022 Beaver GRIND Youth Football Camp.pdf application/pdf 759.2K
2022 Boys Basketball Youth Camp.pdf application/pdf 557.6K
2022 Girls Basketball Youth Camp.pdf application/pdf 654.4K
2022 Jr. Dance Camp.pdf application/pdf 1.5M
2022 Planters Day Parade Cheer Clinic.pdf application/pdf 664.3K
2022 Summer Camp Registration.pdf application/pdf 110.6K
2022 Summer Wrestling.pdf application/pdf 306.9K
2022 Woodland Prep Volleyball Camp.pdf application/pdf 257.9K
2022 WSD All In One Summer Camp Flyer.pdf application/pdf 62.9K
2022 Youth Soccer Camp.pdf application/pdf 158.3K
ASB-Athletic-Data Report-from-OSPI-2020-21.pdf application/pdf 2M
Competing_Beyond_High_School.pdf application/pdf 64K
DII_Requirements.pdf application/pdf 1.1M
DI_Requirements.pdf application/pdf 1.1M
NCAA College Bound Guide 21-22.pdf application/pdf 4.8M
parent-self-assessment.pdf application/pdf 152.7K
Phsyical Form Spanish.pdf application/pdf 330.6K
Physical Form.pdf application/pdf 256.2K
SCAT2_Concussion_Assessment_Sheet.pdf application/pdf 354.6K
The Woodland Way.pdf application/pdf 178.4K
WEAREBEAVERSTRENGTHFLYER 22.pdf application/pdf 440.5K
WHS_Athletic_Registration.pdf application/pdf 258.1K
WIAA Full Handbook.pdf application/pdf 3.3M
Woodland Way - GRIT.pdf application/pdf 135.6K
WSD Athletic Handbook 2021-22.pdf application/pdf 514.3K
WSD Summer Camp Flyer - 2022 (Spanish).pdf application/pdf 51.6K