Vision: To prepare all students for life after graduating high school.FBLA Conference students

Mission: To facilitate the teaching of relevant skills and knowledge for learning, career and life.

Goal: To increase graduation rates and prepare students for employment by engaging them in learning related to career interests and workplace readiness / 21st Century skills.



  • We believe all students when provided the opportunity, will flourish in an environment that engages them in learning.
  • We believe through collaborative work, we can positively impact our students learning and their preparation for the world of work.
  • We believe that keeping programs current by staying connected to what is happening in business/industry will have a positive impact on our students.
  • We believe there are many paths traveled to get to a desired career and our job is to assist students in understanding those various paths so they choose the best one to fit their needs.

Benefits of Career & Technical Courses

  • Many of our courses provide an opportunity to gain college as well as high school credit
  • Many of our classes provide an opportunity for credit equivalency to help students meet their graduation requirements
  • Provide technical skills that transfer into the world of work
  • 21st Century Skills are taught helping students prepare for the workplace

Learn More About CTEStudent watering plants

Learn more about our changing economy, in demand careers in our region, along with their education and salary levels:

Taking CTE classes can earn credit at Clark College:

Taking CTE classes can earn credit at Lower Columbia College:

OSHA Training

Woodland High School CTE students take OSHA training courses to help them work safely in their future careers. You can learn more at OSHA Training Services, Inc.


Career PathwaysWHS Student teaching children

To align with our new State graduation requirements and to meet our goal of preparing students for their future, we begin helping students build their High School & Beyond Plan in middle school.

Students use tools as a way to learn more about their interests and learning styles which connect them to potential careers. This process helps them in determining their career pathway. 


Career Cluster Pathways

Below are the 16 Career Cluster “Pathways” which link to more information, including example careers within the pathway.