Friends of the Woodland Library: Sharon Watt 360-225-2294 or

Healing Steps Equine Therapy: Kelsey Herman12608 NE 299th Street Battle Ground, WA 98604/360-771-3556 Occupational Therapist

DogPaw off-leash dog parks, solely run by volunteers

The City of Woodland (ie litter)-360-225-8281

The City of Woodland Police- Call Donny @360-225-6965.

Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership

Woodland Action Center-360.225.9998.

iSErve Health Care-virtually share your art or music

Janus Youth Program-


Red Cross and Blood Works NW-blood donation

Woodland Care-contact Joanna Gennick. Mail your cards and or letters to Woodland Care Center PO Box 69 Woodland. WA 98674. (you need to be vaccinated)

Somerset Retirement Home and Assisted Living contact Denise Sonnabend at for additional virtual suggestions.

Donations and Volunteering Multnomah Co. Please contact the organization to make sure they are accepting donations.

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