June 1st- Wednesday- Cap and gowns will be available for pickup in the office

June 2nd- Thursday- Christian Church Senior Dinner 5:30pm

June 7th- Tuesday- Senior Recognition Night 6:00pm

June 9th- Thursday- Last day for seniors- senior check out 

June 10th- Friday- Graduation

8:45am- Seniors meet at high school for Senior Parade

11:00am- Mandatory Commencement Practice

12:30pm- Celebration Senior Lunch in Aux Gym

6:45pm- Meet in Aux Gym to line up

7:00pm- Commencement Ceremony Begins! 

* Important- Gates will open at 6:00pm for seating- if is poor weather, each graduate will be issued six tickets for the gym and overflow may seat in the commons to watch on live stream 

Class Motto:

"If we wait until we are ready,

we will be waiting the rest of our lives."

Class Flower:  Tulip

Recessional Song:  Young Forever- JAY-Z and Mr. Hudson

Faculty Speaker:  Wayne Miller 

Your senior class officers are:  

Caitlyn Elkinton, Cody Yoder and Taylor Curnutt

Congratulations to the Top 5% Academic Class of 2022

Cole Logan - Isabella Mattison - Aidan Rivers - Heaven Jenkins - Eleanor Bareford - Caitlyn Elkinton - Casey Logan

2021-2022 Senior Year Book Portraits

The deadline for senior portraits to be submitted for the yearbook is January 14,2022.  We will accept a digital copy of the photo on a flash drive, CD, or emailed to yearbook advisor Andria Terry.  Senior portraits that are emailed need to include students first and last name as well as senior portrait in the subject line.  Emails without this information included in the subject line will not be accepted.  Please make sure if you are providing a copy of the photo on a flash drive or CD you have the students first and last name on it as well as a note that it is a senior photo.  

The image quality needs to be at a minimum of 300dpi and measure 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide.  There should be no animals, props, hats, or other items that block or make the portrait difficult to be placed in the yearbook.  You also want to make sure your senior is not resting their head on their hands and that their hands are not covering your seniors face in the photo.  Outdoor photos are accepted.  You will be contacted if there are issues with the senior portrait you have submitted.   


Important Dates and Info:


Important Information!!!!

WHS will be hosting senior meetings for students who are not full time WHS students once a month, this includes TEAM and Running Start students.  The first meeting in Oct 6th.  Students need to check into the high school office and report to the Career Center for the meeting.  Meeting times will be 9am and 2pm beginning Wednesday, Oct. 6th.  

Mr. VanCleef is collecting pictures for the senior slide show.  

He would like six (6) pictures total.                 

 #1. The pictures are school appropriate. The pictures cannot show            beer bottles, cigarettes, or any items that are illegal or inappropriate.    

 #2. One picture must be a senior picture, or a recent picture, so                     everyone viewing the slideshow will recognize the person in the   following pictures.

Your classmates would like to see not only baby pictures, but also pictures of you growing up throughout the years.

If you do not have a senior picture yet, please send in all the other pictures. It is much easier to add just one picture than six.

All of the pictures are due Friday May 21th. You have several options to submit your pictures.                                                                     

  1. Send them in an                     
  2. Place them on a CD and bring them to the school. Please place the   students name on the CD so it can be returned.                                     
  3. 3. If you have pictures, place them in an envelope with your name on the outside. Mr. VanCleef will treat the pictures with due caution. After they are scanned, he will return them as soon as possible. 

To earn a Woodland High School Diploma, a student must accomplish three tasks:

  1. Earn at least 24 credits and pass all required classes
  2. Show academic competency on through one of the different assessment options as outlined in this document.
  3. Complete a Culminating Project as well as a High School and Beyond Plan

Woodland High School operates on a two semester system with four grading periods. Semester grades are given after the second and fourth quarters. Those semester grades are the marks recorded on student transcripts and are the permanent grades for courses taken.

The high school runs on a six period day, with an advisory period. Students can earn 6.5 credits in a year. Please see the following pages for the required classes for your graduation year.

It is a policy of the Woodland School District that to receive a Woodland High School diploma a student must be enrolled in the high school for at least their final semester prior to completing graduation requirements.

Attached Files:
jostens 2020.1.pdf application/pdf 297.1K
jostens 2020.pdf application/pdf 268.8K
Woodland_School_District_Requirements_for_Graduation_with_options_for_assessment.pdf application/pdf 146.1K