Here are the steps you must take to secure funding for Universities, colleges, community colleges, and technical schools. Please check your email regularly for any updates.

Step 1. Create a FSA ID:   FSA ID This ID should be created prior to starting your FASA application. Parent and student both need FSA IDs to complete the FASFA.

Step 2. Watch a virtual Financial Aid Information video: All links will be sent to seniors through their school email.

Step 3. Complete your FAFSA Form: This U.S. government form is the beginning step in applying for financial aid from ANY school. FAFSA opens October 1st, the sooner you apply, the more money available. Apply quickly! The official government website for submitting FAFSA is: You should never pay for the FAFSA application fee. If you are asked to pay a fee then you are on the wrong site. 

Step 4. Receive your SAR (Student Aid Report): Based on your submitted FAFSA form, the U.S. Government will determine your EFC (Expected Family Contribution), the amount you and your family will be expected to pay for your education. In an email, they will send you a report verifying the information they received from you about your family’s financial situation. They will also send this report to the financial aid offices at all the schools to which you have directed.

Step 5. Receive Awards Letters: Each school will send you a letter outlining a “Financial Aid Package”, a presentation of how they propose that you fund your education at that school. It will include these kinds of funding:

  • Your expected family contribution
  • Grant money (gift money from various sources which you do NOT have to repay)
  • Work study (a job, usually on campus, so you can earn money while attending school)
  • Loans

Step 6. Notify schools of the portions of the Financial Plan which you wish to accept: Working with the financial aid offices at the schools to which you have applied, you complete a final plan for funding your education.

Helpful Videos

Financial Aid Videos The link will direct you to a page on the WSU website. Most videos are applicable to any financial aid at any school. 

Washington Student Achievement Council: