At Woodland High School we have rules and regulations which Running Start students from WHS must follow. These include the rules listed in our Running Start Contract, and on the lists of Credit Equivalencies.

Students and Parents must sign this contract before students are allowed to enter the Running Start program from Woodland High School

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  1. In order to make appointments with WHS Running Start Coordinator, Sarah Gray, please email your request to Ms. Gray will communicate with Running Start Students primarily through email. It is imperative that students keep Ms. Gray up to date with their current email address.
  2. Juniors and seniors are eligible for the Running Start program. Woodland High School students must have 11.0 credits to be classified as a junior and 16.0 to be classified as a senior. Credit totals will be checked in June for entry into Running Start the following Fall. Home schooled students living in the Woodland School District who enroll at Woodland High School to access the Running Start Program are required to register with Woodland School District, and to file a “Declaration of Intent to Provide Home-Based Instruction” form.
  3. All community college courses will become part of the student’s permanent college record and college grade point average. Only students have access to their own college grades and records; parents wishing to have access to student’s grades must make an appointment to discuss the issue with the Running Start Coordinator at the college.
  4. Students are responsible for determining how high school and community college courses meet two-year and four-year college requirements and requirements of specific programs. Students are STRONGLY encouraged to attend one of the Running Start Advising Sessions hosted by the Running Start Office at Clark College, and/or to become familiar with the graduation requirements as listed on the web sites of each of our local community colleges.
  5. Students are responsible for keeping current with WHS information through use of the WHS web site (see: Daily Bulletin, Senior Information and Culminating Project).
  6. Transferability of Credits: State four-year institutions recognize community/technical college credits. Some in-state private colleges and out-of-state universities do not recognize college credit taken during high school. All Running Start students are advised to check with the four year college they plan to attend to be sure their credits will be accepted.
  7. College instructors do not notify parents or the high school when a student is failing or not attending a class.
  8. High school officials will not be able to inform students or parents of progress in college courses or graduation status, nor issue diplomas, until college transcripts are received by the high school. Seniors cannot participate in graduation unless the high school is provided with written assurance of credit by the community college.
  9. In order to assure that Running Start courses meet Woodland School District graduation requirements, students will be required to have college Enrollment Verification Forms reviewed and accepted by a counselor at Woodland High School prior to enrollment at the community college. If the student makes a schedule change at the community college, it must be approved by the high school counselor to be transferred as meeting a specific graduation requirement.
  10. Students are responsible for arranging their college class schedule so it does not conflict with their high school schedule. High school courses are offered in two 18 week semesters. College courses are offered in three 10 week quarters beginning in September, January and March.
  11. It is the student’s responsibility to make an appointment each quarter for an advising session with the high school counselor. It is also the student’s responsibility to come to the advising session prepared with a requested schedule of classes for the next college quarter.
  12. Students who fail to enroll in or complete mutually agreed upon courses at a community college, may not re-enter high school courses during the same semester. Exceptions for circumstances beyond the student’s control may be appealed to the high school principal within the first three weeks of Fall quarter at the college. If approved, the student will be required to make up all missed work and tests.
  13. Students may participate in sports at the high school, but not at a community college. In order to be eligible to participate in high school athletics, the student must be considered a full time student; therefore students taking classes ONLY at the college must carry at least 10 credits per college quarter. Students may participate in drama or music at either the high school or community college.
  14. Students are responsible for all non-tuition costs at the community college.
  15. A three (3) credit community college class equals a .6 high school credit. A five (5) credit community college class equals a 1.0 high school credit. Maximum combined enrollment between high school and college classes will be limited to 1.2 FTE. WHS students are expected to be FULL TIME students between the high school and the college.
  16. Grades received at Clark College and Lower Columbia College in Running Start classes will be used in computing the student’s high school G.P.A. All college grades will be entered on the student’s high school transcript. Fall quarter grades and G.P.A. will count toward first semester honor roll. Winter quarter grades and G.P.A. will count toward third quarter honor roll. Spring quarter grades and G.P.A. will count toward second semester honor roll.
  17. Any student enrolled as a “fifth year senior” will be considered to be in grade 13 and not eligible for the Running Start program except under special circumstances. Provided that a student who has failed to meet high school graduation requirements as of the end of the student’s twelfth grade regular academic year (September to June) due to the student’s absence, the student’s failure of one or more courses, or another similar reason may continue Running Start enrollment for the sole and exclusive purpose of completing the particular course or courses required to meet high school graduation requirements, subject to the enrollment limitation established by this contract.
  18. Running Start enrollment at community colleges is limited to Fall, Winter and Spring quarters.
  19. Students will be treated as college students while attending the community college, expected to adhere to the same college rules, expectations and procedures as all other college students. Students are responsible for knowing and following all rules, guidelines and deadlines of the Running Start program at the specific college they are attending.
  20. Running Start students must complete a culminating project and pass all required State Assessments to receive a WHS diploma.

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