2024 Plant Sale FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the dates and times of the plant sale?
The 34th Annual WHS FFA Plant Sale will be open to the public Friday, May 3, 8:00am to 5:00pm.


Can I order online or pre-order?
This year we are in-person only, no online or pre-order options are available. 


What are the payment options?
We do accept credit cards this year. We have one portal dedicated to accepting credit cards so we can now accept payment via cash, check, and credit card.


Are there a limited number of people that can be in the greenhouse at one time?
As of now, there are no restrictions on the number of people that can be in the greenhouse area simultaneously. Please, be aware that there may be a wait time for checkout if there are large numbers of people or wait to get into the greenhouse depending on staffing.  


Can I still donate like I do every year?
We are grateful for donations. All proceeds from the Plant Sale benefit the FFA and Agriculture Students at Woodland High School. You can donate at checkout or through the WHS main office.


Should I bring my own boxes?
No! We have lots of plant boxes available for you to take home your purchases. 


Where do I park?
Parking is available in the front parking lot. A loading zone will be available near the greenhouse. There is no parking available along Robinson Avenue or in the back parking lot during school hours. 


Who will be staffing the plant sale?
The WHS FFA Plant Sale is a student-run sale. Students are practicing their customer service, cash register, problem solving, leadership, and teamwork skills. They are available for questions, help with plant selection, check out, and carrying items to your car. 


Where can I find out what types of plants will be sold this year?
Please see the 2024 WHS FFA Plant Sale Plant List for a list of ornamentals, vegetables, baskets, and more!


Who do I contact if I have questions?
Please, see the FAQs, the School District Website, and the Plant List for information. If you still have questions please contact Kendra Pearce at pearcek@woodlandschools.org