Thanks to overwhelming demand and support, we have sold all of our inventory for the 2021 Plant Sale and have closed the portal. We greatly appreciate the ongoing support of our amazing Woodland community.



Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to shop in the greenhouse this year?
Unfortunately, no. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are offering Online Ordering ONLY for the 2021 Plant Sale. The greenhouse will be closed to the public.

How do I order?
Click here to place your order online! The sale will close on Wednesday, April 28 and the platform is an online store much like any other e-commerce site.

Can I still donate like I do every year?
We are grateful for donations. Proceeds from the Plant Sale benefit the FFA and Agriculture Students at Woodland High School. There is a "Donation" option on the Online Order Platform, choose your amount, and checkout as you normally would.

How do I pay for my order?
To follow social distancing guidelines and to increase convenience, there will be a checkout and payment option by debit/credit card on the Ordering Platform.

How do I get my order?
As a Community Member when ordering you will be asked to schedule a date and time, May 3, 8:30am-6:00pm, to pick up your order. You will receive an Email confirming your order, pick up date & time, and assigning a pick-up station (Station 1-10). PLEASE BE ON TIME to your scheduled pick-up date and time. As a STAFF Member, we will deliver to buildings May 4-7. 

Where do I pick up my order?
ON THE DATE & TIME OF YOUR PICK-UP, please proceed to the rear parking lot of Woodland High School, 1500 Dike Access Rd. (where the buses park, baseball fields are, etc.); you will be staged to pick up your order on Robinson Avenue. You will check in with our Greeter to confirm your date, time, and station number. You will be directed to the proper Station where your order will be waiting at the curb on Robinson Avenue. It's as easy as: Drive up, Pick up, Load, and Leave! PLEASE NOTE: You will be asked to wait or come back later if it is not your assigned time for pick up.

What if I miss my pick-up time or can't make it to the scheduled time?
Please, help us keep things running smoothly by ARRIVING ON TIME. You are welcome to have someone else pick up for you at your scheduled time. They will be asked for your name and order at the greeting station. We realize things happen, especially these days.

Can I pick up someone else's order?
We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE people to create ONE order for a family, church group, neighbors, etc. to decrease the volume of overall transactions. Orders are organized by the NAME of the person who ordered. If you are picking up for someone else or for a group at the scheduled time, please give us the name the order was created under.

Can I order at the greenhouse instead of online?
Unfortunately, due to the volume of individual orders and limited staff, we are unable to pull items on a request basis. If you are unable to use the Online Platform, we encourage you to combine your order with a friend or family member. 

What if the COVID-19 restrictions are put back into place?
Fortunately, since we are conducting transactions online, limiting physical contact between staff and the public, using proper safety measures, and are Agriculture which is identified as Essential we WILL have community member order pick up available May 6, 8:30am - 6:00pm.

What if I forget to order something and need to add it later?
Much like any e-commerce site once you have submitted payment the transaction is closed. You will need to create a new order with a new pick up time. Please, use The 2021 Plant List to pre-plan your order to make things simpler.

What if something is "Sold Out" on the website. Will you have more available later?
Unfortunately, if an item is labeled as "Sold Out" we do not have any more available this year. Please, note that due to the virtual format of student engagement during the primary growing season, product availability will be limited this year.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Please, see the FAQs, the Virtual Greenhouse Tour, the Public Statement, and the Plant Sale List for information. If you still have questions, please contact Kendra Pearce at pearcek@woodlandschools.org