The Woodland Academic Scholars Program is designed to reward those students who undertake the challenges of a rigorous academic program and achieve a high level of learning. We believe this program motivates students to challenge themselves while it underpins Woodland School District’s commitment to excellence in education. 

The Woodland Academic Scholars Program is open to any student pursuing a Woodland Diploma and who is willing to pursue a demanding course of study. The student must achieve a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 or above at the end of the 7th semester in the prescribed course of study outlined below. An Advisory Board made up of an administrator, a counselor, and at least one teacher of an academic subject will review any individual policy interpretations. The application process is introduced to the eighth grade class prior to entering high school. To participate, we recommend that the student complete a four-year high school plan with his/her parent and counselor in the spring of 8th grade or fall of 9th grade.

However, the student may complete this process as late as the beginning of senior year. A transfer student who meets the criteria is also eligible to participate as long as the transfer student has a transcript from a regionally accredited high school. A student may discontinue his/her pursuit of the Academic Scholars Program at any time.

To be eligible for the Woodland Academic Scholars Program the student must successfully complete the following:

  • Four credits of English
  • Four credits of college preparatory mathematics including Pre-Calculus*
  • Four credits of college preparatory science including chemistry and at least one advanced science class (AP Biology, or AP Chemistry, or Physics)*
  • Two credits of the same second language
  • Three credits of social studies
  • All additional requirements for a Woodland High School Diploma

*The student must make a quantitative course senior year which can be a math course or an algebra-based science course.

In conjunction with the above prescribed program, a student must complete at least seven credits in honors, advanced, or Advanced Placement courses selected from the following list. Other courses may be added to this list as they are added to the course offerings:

  • Honors English 9
  • Honors English 10
  • Honors English 11
  • College Preparatory English
  • Advanced Placement English
  • Advanced Placement Calculus
  • Honors General Science
  • Honors Biology
  • Advanced Placement Biology
  • Advanced Placement Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Advanced Placement U.S. History
  • Advanced Placement Government

In addition to the courses listed above, a Running Start student may count college courses at 100-level or above which are approved for a transferable Associate Degree Program; such courses must be transferable to a four-year college or university as part of a Bachelor’s Degree Program. A three-credit college course is equivalent to a one-semester high school course and a five-credit college course is equivalent to a one-year high school course.

Whether the student is full-time at Woodland High School or full or part-time in the Running Start Program, the student’s program of study must be pre-approved by the Academic Scholars Committee.

All courses in the prescribed course of study must be graded, not Pass/Fail. An elective course which is not part of the Academic Scholars Program may be taken Pass/Fail, as long as the student passes the class. The student may have no courses of any kind with a grade below a “C.” (A grade of D or F disqualifies a student.)