Thu Sep 23 2021, 6:15pm
Woodland High School Library and Zoom
Regular Meeting


Human Resources Report

To: Michael Green

From: Vicky Barnes

Date: September 16, 2021

RE: Human Resources Report

The beginning of school was very busy with multiple duties needing attention at the same time. Our COVID testing changed from an oral swab to a nasal swab, so I needed to update the previous staff who serve as observers and train new ones as we expand our testing. We are now testing at all of the schools, KWRL and PPL, as well as the district office. We do both molecular testing and antigen testing. These tests allow us to catch COVID and contact trace quicker, as well as return staff and students who do not have COVID to the buildings faster. 

The district received a grant from Return to Learn that allowed us to hire a temporary position at the District Office to function as the main observer of tests. In the District Office, we test students, staff, families, and community members so there is a steady flow of people from 9:00 - 1:00 each day. Having this extra person has allowed a little more uninterrupted time for Nicole and me. Nicole still leans in when the tests get backed up.

We hired 25 certificated staff for the 2021-2022 school year, so much of the summer was spent processing them, which includes making sure we have fingerprints, certificates, transcripts, and all of the payroll information. Nicole Galloway has amazing spreadsheets that keep me sane and on track. I am also interviewing certificated and classified substitutes in the hopes of building our pools up to a better level.

With the Governor’s mandate, a big part of my job has become having reasonable accommodation meetings for staff who are requesting either a medical or religious exemption. October 1, 2021, is when I need to have either proof of vaccination or an approved exemption. It has been a learning experience for me.

Lastly, as part of the COVID Response Team, I work with the team after school hours to track and follow up on positive COVID tests. There have been quite a few positives during weekends or evenings so the quick response can help communicate to staff who may have been exposed to a positive student. Fortunately, our staff is working hard to maintain distance and wear masks which minimizes the exposure.