Thu Sep 23 2021, 6:15pm
Woodland High School Library and Zoom
Regular Meeting


Second Reading and Approval of Policies 3224, 4040, 4041, and 5280

These policies are unchanged from the first reading and are presented for second reading and approval.

Policy 3224 - Student Dress. Director Wray, in reviewing policies, offered the recommendation that the board adjusts Policy 3224 to allow flexibility in the definition of prohibited conduct.

Policy 4040 - Public Access to District Records and Procedure 4040P   The School Board's attorney has reviewed this policy and has recommended we make the identified modifications to policy 4040 to reflect current law.  The Woodland Board does not typically approve administrative procedures.   State law does, however, require board action to adopt the fee schedule included in 4040P.  At the second reading, you will be asked to approve 4040P.

Policy 4041 - Retention of Public Records and Procedure 4041P. The School Board's attorney has recommended this policy for adoption.

Policy 5280 - Separation From Employment.  The School Board's attorney has recommended a minor adjustment to this policy.  This policy does not reflect current practice relative to assisting employees with retirement benefits.  District practice is to refer retiring employees to the Department of Retirement Systems (DRS) and allowing DRS to provide assistance.  

Attached Files:
3224 Final.pdf application/pdf 67.5K
4040 Final.pdf application/pdf 85.6K
4040P Final.pdf application/pdf 210.4K
4041 NEW.pdf application/pdf 91.1K
4041P NEW.pdf application/pdf 58.5K
5280 Final.pdf application/pdf 88K