Thu Sep 23 2021, 6:15pm
Woodland High School Library and Zoom
Regular Meeting


Woodland High School Report

To: Michael Green

From: Phillip Pearson

Date: September 20, 2021

RE: WHS Report

Reopening Wins

The biggest win by far this year has been that we did reopen, fully and on time. About 50% of our new 9th graders attended Beaver Camp in person and had a chance to meet some of their teachers, work through their schedules, and hear a really rousing speech from their principal. We had a home football game, a home volleyball game, a home cross country meet, and a home girl’s soccer game, all in September.  Classes got started all across the board and students were challenged and stretched in a whole bunch of ways. All of these things represent huge wins compared to last September. 

School for Quarantined Students

Faculty at WHS were tasked with developing plans for supporting quarantined students in each class. Because the needs of an auto maintenance class are much different than the needs of a geometry class, we anticipated that those plans might look very different. Regardless of class or discipline, each class plan needed to provide for two things: a) daily communication with the student; and b) a method to distribute necessary class materials. Google Classroom has been in universal use since before the pandemic as a mechanism to distribute classroom information and materials. In classes where physical materials are needed, additional staff time has been devoted to collecting those materials and getting them to the office for pick up. Most teachers are opting to use the Google Meet link attached to each Google classroom as a way to provide for daily communication. When a student is added to the quarantine list, the family receives an information mailer, and teachers reach out to that student in order to provide information as to how to participate in-class activities.   

Current Quarantine Status

Below is a graph of the number of students excluded from WHS over time. As of 9-17-21, 26 students were medically excluded.