Thu Sep 23 2021, 6:15pm
Woodland High School Library and Zoom
Regular Meeting


Athletic Report

To: Michael Green

From: Paul Huddleston

Date: September 20, 2021

RE: Athletics Report

So far we have been able to compete at both the MS and HS levels with very few bumps in the road. There have been a few isolated COVID cases but nothing to shut down a team. We have had a game canceled twice due to the other team being quarantined. Our biggest challenge so far has been the shortage of officials and bus drivers, but we have been able to get creative and find a way so far.

Here is the MS/HS Athletic Program Update:

Woodland Middle School

MS Football

  1. Turnout numbers: 43

MS Volleyball

  1. Turnout numbers: 34

MS Soccer

  1. Turnout numbers: 13

Games have just started and our teams are practicing and playing hard. You can see their game schedules here:


MS/HS Cross Country

  1. 19 athletes are participating from the high school and 3 from the middle school.
    1. We just hosted our first meet of the year. Current school record holder Joran Lamoreaux was over a minute faster than anyone else in the field.

MS/HS Boys’ Golf

  1. 15 athletes are participating from the high school and 11 from the middle school
    1. The team has looked solid in their first two matches – winning them both. Dane Huddleston has been the medalist in both matches.

Woodland High School

HS Football

  1. Varsity record (0-0 league, 0-2 overall)
    1. 64 athletes participating.
    2. We are very young and have no depth… most of our players are playing both ways.
  2. JV record (0-0 league, 0-2 overall).
    1. Our JV is made up mostly of freshmen.

HS Volleyball

  1. Varsity record (1-1 league, 1-1 overall).
    1. 37 athletes participating… we have a 3rd team again this year!
  2. JV record (1-1 league, 1-1 overall).
  3. JV2 record (0-2 league, 0-2 overall).

HS Girls’ Soccer

  1. Varsity record (0-1 league, 0-2 overall)
    1. 30 athletes participating
  2. JV record (1-1 league, 1-1 overall)

HS Dance and Cheer

  1. Cheer has 12 fall participants
    1. We had a great student section at our first game and the cheer squad did an excellent job getting them engaged.
  2. Dance has 9 fall participants
    1. Dance also looked very sharp during their halftime performance.


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  2. Our league also has a website:
  3. Please see attached document to learn more about our core values and our “brand”. We are all about living by the Woodland Way.