Mon May 22 2017, 5:30pm
District Meeting Room
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Financial/Enrollment Report


To: Michael Green, Superintendent
From: Stacy Brown, Director of Business Services
Subject: April Financial/Enrollment Report
Date: May 22, 2017

I have attached the 2016-17 Budget Vs Actual and Comparisons to 15-16 for April (pages 1-3).  Also attached are the April Budget Status Reports for all funds (pages 4-9).  Jody Brentin has been reporting on district enrollment this year and has been preparing the spreadsheets.  She is out sick today, so I do not have the spreadsheets, but I reviewed the reports and have provided an update below.

Budget vs Actual Comparisons for April

Monthly Revenues

Revenues in April were $99,000 less than expected (page 3). The average state forest revenues for April were $30,000 and only $108 received this year.  We also received $11,000 in Administrative Match funds last year and nothing this April.   The National School Lunch claim for March was submitted after the cutoff, so we did not receive funds in April for this program.  The average amount for April is approximately $45,000.  We will receive the funds in May.

Monthly Payroll

If you look at the monthly budget to actual comparison, you can see that payroll is running approximately $66,000 to $84,000 (pages 1-3) per month more than expected. For April, payroll was $49,000 more than expected.  When the budget is prepared, staffing positions are budgeted based on what we know at the time and the expectations and requirements.  Additional dollars are budgeted to increase capacity in the medical benefits, subs, vacation and sick leave buy-back and various other line items.  The additional items would not normally have recurring monthly amounts that would affect payroll.  As documented in prior board reports, we have hired the equivalent of 3.0 full-time equivalent classified staff that were not budgeted.  I will continue to review payroll and benefits costs each month when I project ending fund balance.

Monthly Accounts Payable

April accounts payable was approximately $3,000 less than expected (page 3).  I have reviewed all expenditures and find them to be necessary for the operations of the district.

Monthly Budget Status Reports

I attached the April Budget Status reports for all funds (4-9).  I also included a second page for the Capital Projects Fund (page 6) which lists the balances for the various sources of funds.  We have approximately $575,000 in bond funds, $13,300 left from the KWRL projects which will be used for the fiber optic project, $227,000 in impact fees which will be used to purchase and outfit the portables and almost $40,000 set aside for future projects.


As mentioned above, the enrollment spreadsheets are not attached, however, I reviewed the reports submitted to OSPI and noted that enrollment decreased by approximately 6 FTE.  The average FTE is still around 2,285, which is 65 greater than budgeted. I will continue to keep you apprised each month and will let you know how this affects the district projections again in June.