Mon May 22 2017, 5:30pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


Woodland Middle School Report


To:  Michael Green

From:  Jake Hall

Date:  May 22, 2017

RE: May Report

WMS staff and students are working diligently in this busy fourth quarter of 2016-17!  The following topics are explained in more detail below:

  • State Assessments
  • Track and Field
  • Math Plan for Algebra at WMS

State Assessments

Beginning the week of May 15, 2017, we will be starting state assessments for each Woodland Middle School student. We have been working with students, families, and staff on the importance that students take the assessments with as little stress as possible. We have seen that students perform better when they have had nutrition and they are well-rested. We are encouraging our families to make sure each student has plenty of sleep at night and proper nutrition. We continue to work with all families to make sure every student in need is provided a school breakfast and lunch.

Record-Setting After School Activity -- Track and Field

Thanks to an excellent effort by Coach Jeff Flanagan, WMS continues to set the gold standard for middle school track.  We had nearly one-third of our 7th and 8th-grade students in track this spring!  We have seen that students who are involved in after-school activities perform better in school academics.  It is wonderful to witness Woodland Middle School Trojans as they take the track at meets with other schools.  They look sharp, they compete with awesome attitudes and they are great in number.  I am so proud of our student-athletes and coaches for their tremendous work and dedication.

Math Plan For Algebra at WMS

Moving forward we are going to have all WMS 7th graders take an Algebra-Readiness assessment.  We will be able to compare the results of the assessment with other building assessments as well as the state assessment.  This data will help us decide how to serve our 8th-grade students in our rigorous 8th grade Math and Algebra 1 programs.

Because of the increased rigor resulting from the Washington State Standards (Common Core), all 7th graders will take 7th grade Math beginning next Fall 2017.  A key 7th grade Math concept, Proportional Reasoning, is arguably the most important concept students rely on for higher level Math and Science courses. The Washington State Standards have increased rigor for every child, and through several years of implementation, we have increased the rigor of 7th grade Math for more depth of understanding of these essential concepts.  This decision strives to ensure that all students arrive at high school with the depth of understanding they need to excel in any future endeavor.

We understand that many students intend to take Pre-Calculus or Calculus at the high school level, and want to assure you that this decision does not impede this opportunity. Every high school student has the opportunity to pass Pre-Calculus, and WMS will continue to offer Algebra in the 8th grade for students who excel and want to be prepared for Calculus their senior year. In addition, Running Start offers opportunities beyond Calculus should they desire that. With this decision, we strive to ensure that all students who desire a future in Math or Science are truly prepared to succeed.  

Our intent at WMS is to maximize the educational opportunities for all students.  Families are encouraged to reach out to us if they have any questions about the best opportunities for their child(ren).