Mon May 22 2017, 5:30pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


Second Reading and Approval of Policies 4000-4330

The listed policies are presented at second reading for final consideration. New policy 4217 presented at first reading was reviewed by our attorney and is being presented for first reading again and besides a few typo corrections, all the policies are as presented at first reading.

Recommended Policy Additions

  • 4218 NEW Language Access Plan

Recommended Policy Revisions

  • 4000 REVISION Minor changes and incorporation of policy 4010
  • 4020 REVISION Minor changes
  • 4040 REVISION Major Changes. Procedure 4040P. Much of policy is moved into procedural language.   One significant change is that old policy/procedure is the current procedure requires the public records coordinator to prepare and maintain for inspection “current indexes” of several records.   This is required under the law not done.  There is a workaround to this requirement.  The board may approve a resolution that declares the maintenance of a current index of all record impracticable and burdensome.  This resolution is presented in action items.
  • 4060 REVISION Minor changes
  • 4210 REVISION Significant revisions that provide expanded clarity.
  • 4215 REVISION Significant Revisions to broaden application to other nicotine products and delivery devices
  • 4220 REVISION Minor changes
  • 4237 REVISION Minor changes
  • 4310 REVISION Minor changes
  • 4314 REVISION Minor changes
  • 4315 REVISION Minor changes
  • 4320 REVISION Integrated language from 4330 on Private and Parochial School and Daycare Agencies

Policy Deletions

  • 4010 DELETE Content incorporated into revision of policy 4000
  • 4050 DELETE Per WSSDA Recommendation.  This falls under ethics rules
  • 4110 DELETE This is a clearly understood authority.  Policy is unnecessary
  • 4120 DELETE This is a clearly understood authority.  Policy is unnecessary
  • 4200 DELETE Unnecessary. These are building management level decisions
  • 4230 DELETE Unnecessary. These are building management level decisions
  • 4235 DELETE Unnecessary. These are building management level decisions
  • 4265 DELETE Unnecessary. We no longer have a Community education program.
  • 4300 DELETE Unnecessary Covered by Collective Bargaining agreements
  • 4301 DELETE Unnecessary Covers subjects of law and board discretion
  • 4330 DELETE Content integrated into 4320
Attached Files:
4000.pdf application/pdf 117K
4010 DEL.pdf application/pdf 6K
4020 .pdf application/pdf 117K
4040.pdf application/pdf 128K
4050 DEL.pdf application/pdf 6K
4060 .pdf application/pdf 8K
4110 DEL.pdf application/pdf 6K
4120 DEL.pdf application/pdf 7K
4200 DEL.pdf application/pdf 116K
4210.pdf application/pdf 184K
4215.pdf application/pdf 118K
4218.pdf application/pdf 163K
4220 .pdf application/pdf 105K
4230 DEL.pdf application/pdf 6K
4235 DEL.pdf application/pdf 7K
4237.pdf application/pdf 8K
4265 DEL.pdf application/pdf 7K
4300 DEL.pdf application/pdf 7K
4301 DEL.pdf application/pdf 105K
4310 .pdf application/pdf 117K
4314.pdf application/pdf 145K
4315 .pdf application/pdf 138K
4320.pdf application/pdf 110K
4330 DEL.pdf application/pdf 7K