Thu Mar 10 2022, 6:15pm
WHS Library and Zoom
Regular Meeting


Vaping Mass Action Lawsuit

The superintendent is requesting authorization from the board of directors to sign a letter of engagement and join a mass action lawsuit against Juul and Altria.

Vaping has become an increasingly problematic behavior issue in public schools.  Currently, it consumes a significant amount of administrative time, particularly at WHS, to address the issue.

Washington School districts have been invited to join a nationwide mass-action lawsuit against Juul and Altria (Parent company of Phillip Morris), seeking to recover damages associated with alleged marketing of the product to youth. 

What is the mass action Lawsuit by Schools against Juul and Altria?

    1. Over 800 school districts have joined nationwide, including Seattle and La Conner in Washington.

    2. The legal theory is that Juul created a “public nuisance” (similar to the opioid litigation).

    3. Seeks damages for illegally targeting underage children; each district can choose how to use the funds.

    4. There is no upfront cost for joining beyond approximately 2-5 hours of staff time.

    5. Juul tried to dismiss the lawsuit and prevent RICO claim; both efforts failed.

    6. Scheduled to go to trial in approximately November 2022, if no settlement.

Should the plaintiffs prevail in this lawsuit, the potential benefit to kids will be resources the support response to student vaping, including but not limited to: Installation of vaping detectors; funding of addiction recovery services and; funding of security staff.

Attached are several documents for your consideration:

1) Washington State Vaping FAQ

2) Letter of engagement with Stevens Clay, the law firm handling Washington State Clients in the action.

3) Attorney-Client Fee Contract (25% contingency-based fee)

4) School District Data-Plaintiff Questionnaire