Thu Mar 10 2022, 6:15pm
WHS Library and Zoom
Regular Meeting


Learning Supports and Alternatives Report

To: Michael Green

From: Jake Hall

Date: 3.4.22

Re: March 2022 Board Report

Alternative Learning Experiences

I attended the Washington Association of Learning Alternatives (WALA) conference in Spokane February 24-26, 2022. It was great to be affirmed by OSPI and the WALA organization that TEAM High School and Lewis River Academy are keeping excellent documentation and offering great programs for students and families. 

Lewis River Academy middle schoolers had their second in-person meetup at Horseshoe Lake Park on February 14, 2022. The goal of these meetups is to make social connections in person.  Students decorated cookies, played games, and participated in a student-designed scavenger hunt. The weather was sunny -- and rainy -- and sunny, but that added to the memories of the event for the students and families.  

Family and Community Resource Center

On February 18, 2022, Woodland’s Dutch Bros. had ”Dutch Luv” Day, committing to give $1 for every drink sold that day. Dutch Luv Day in Woodland was a great success! They presented us with over $1100, which will directly fund our food pantry. This fund is used to supply food to each school building so that it is available for students experiencing food insecurity. They hope to partner with us again next year.

We are working with staff and community partners on composing our second annual ELL/Latino Resource Fair, planning to hold it again in May 2022.

Students with English as a second language who are unaccompanied youth and students experiencing homelessness will have the opportunity to attend a college and high school program at Lower Columbia College. Transportation will be provided once a week by FCRC staff, and once a week LCC will send college staff to the high school to work with the students. We are thankful for the collaborative work between our high school counselors and the staff at Lower Columbia College!

Highly Capable

We are nearing the end of CogAT screening of all kindergarten students and all students who are new to Woodland School District in grades 1-4. We are also assessing all students who have been referred for Highly Capable services by their teacher(s) and/or family.

Woodland Middle School Hi-C has finished building their robots! The students are very excited to begin programming their robots next. After a short tutorial, the students will create a robot dance video where all the robots are doing similar choreography designed by some of the students. It is wonderful to see them throw themselves into the project and work so hard! 

K-12 Health Services

The Health Room Assistants have been faithfully serving, communicating, and documenting daily health room care for students with medications and injuries. They are also putting Health Care Plans in place for students with new life threatening health conditions such as diabetes. Our district nurse, Kerri Six, has been updating the student health conditions database in order to complete our district’s student health assessment for ESD 112. 

LAP Program

We have completed all of our Acadience testing to help identify who requires targeted intervention for reading fluency and comprehension. Based on the data from Acadience, we updated our groups and instructional focus. This month we have been seeing great growth in our LAP students as we continue to provide at-level interventions and monitor progress. We have had some students recently graduate from the LAP program and several others who are close to graduating soon. We are pleased with the growth of our students, and we are looking forward to seeing how the changes in groups and instructional focus will continue to positively impact student learning. 

Special Services

For the month of March, our special education count is 360 students with IEPs. This is an increase of 9 students from February. This month we are submitting to OSPI our annual “Safety Net” request for partial reimbursement. We are hopeful that the Safety Net process will result in regaining a portion of the funds the district uses to serve students who have high costs for their education.