Thu Mar 10 2022, 6:15pm
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CTE Report

To:  Michael Green

From: Asha Riley

Date: March 4, 2022

Re:  CTE

Woodland High School hosted the SkillsUSA Regional Restaurant Service Competition last month. Students from SW Washington competed in the event which included table setting and napkin folding, hosting, order taking, serving, and accurate accounting. Students from the Creative Chef class prepared the 4-course meal for the guests to enjoy. 

Araceli Lopez-Solano, a WHS Junior, placed 1st in the competition and qualified for the State SkillsUSA Leadership competition in March.

Our Floral Design & Horticulture shipments were delayed due to the snow last week. Instead of roughly 1,000 plants per week for two weeks, we received and are in the process of receiving 2,600 plants in one week!

Horticulture students officially started seeding vegetables, making hanging baskets for Mother’s Day, and there is a lot of dirt prep and watering. 

Floral Design students received instructions for transplanting seed pods and small plants, as well as started a project for wedding arrangements and will make a “nosegay” bouquet next week. 

Both classes are prepping for the WHS plant sale. 

In Applied Math, we are making solar electric cars. They have both batteries and a solar panel to draw up to 5 volts. 

Students have to wire and design the car using the parts provided. 

This project is finished up with a presentation to the class about their challenges and design process to help foster the improvement of public speaking skills.

Construction trades students have been working on 110-volt electrical trainers and new planter boxes.

Automotive students have been working on troubleshooting.

Metals students are learning to 3D print.