Mon Nov 25 2019, 5:30pm
WHS Room 2203
Regular Meeting


Woodland Middle School Report

To: Michael Green

From: James Johnston

Date: 11/19/19

Re: WMS November 2019 Board Report

The following are the key initiatives/items that are happening at Woodland Middle School:

  • Fall Conferences
  • Veteran’s Day Assembly
  • Staff Development days
  • Biztown Field Trip
  • Winter Sports
  • Choices Program
  • Trojan Achievement Awards

Fall Conferences

We have the preliminary results from our fall conferences.  Approximately 70% of our families attended. This was a great opportunity for families to meet with all of their student’s teachers. We are excited that the turnout was up approximately 14% from the previous year.  Students attending with their parents were given wristbands so they could listen to music and wear hats on the Friday after conferences.

Veteran’s Day Assembly

Woodland Middle School recently hosted our annual Veteran’s Day assembly.  We were excited to have approximately 37 Veterans at this ceremony.  Our leadership students presented a gift to each Veteran as a token of our appreciation.  This was a great opportunity to recognize heroes from a variety of generations and branches of service.  It is positive for students to acknowledge those who have sacrificed for such a great country.

Staff Development Days

We recently completed two days of training in Anita Archer’s “Explicit Instruction.”  This was a great opportunity for staff to focus on the 16 core elements of instruction.  Staff were asked to identify one area they will focus on the following week to improve instruction in their classroom. 

Biztown Field Trip

We recently had 105 sixth graders attend the Biztown field trip in SE Portland.  Kids were excited to perform jobs as Mayors, CEO’s, Construction Workers, Salespersons, and miscellaneous other jobs.  This is a culmination of classroom learning in our Personal Finance/Citizenship class.  Students began to learn the value of money, how it is earned, and the joys of spending it.

Winter Sports

We have begun our winter sports season and once again have great participation.  We had to add a fifth team for 7th/8th grade girls’ basketball due to so many girls participating.  Here are the number of participants per sport:

7/8 Girls Basketball-61athletes

Wrestling (boys and girls)-30 athletes

Trap Shooting Club-6 participants

Choices Program

WMS recently completed the second year of the “Choices” program.  CHOICES is an interactive decision-making workshop focused on keeping teens in school, motivating them toward their education and future, and introducing them to practical skills to help them succeed.  The cost for this program was sponsored again by Fibre Federal.  WMS is thankful to Stacy Mouat, Zaheen Khan, and Fibre Federal for their efforts bringing “Choices” to our school.

Our Trojan Achievement Award Winners for first quarter were:

5th grade- Tanner Hood, Emma Barrow, Kylie Barragan, Ruby Ingle, Emme Child, James Long

6th grade- Micah Nance, Gwen Ponder, Alisa Shaw, Philip Donald, Bradley Woods, Alexander Cano-Lorenzo, Gunner Jewell, Sophia Martinez-Manor

7th grade- Couly McReynolds, Alyssa Eros, Trinity Crumlich, Manny Villarreal, Amelia Bareford, Jersey O’Neil

8th grade- Lesly Lopez-Contreras, Sahara McPoland, Cadence Dalby, Ella Lindsay, Euraulia Martinez Vega, Diego Almodovar-Urquidez, Elizabeth Zagumennyy, Kelan Koistinen