Mon Oct 22 2018, 5:30pm
WHS Room 2203
Regular Meeting


Teaching and Learning Report

To: Michael Green

From: Asha Riley

Date: October 17, 2018

Re: Teaching & Learning


CRMI Grant Update:

We recently learned from Agile Mind that the College Ready Math Initiative will be offering additional resources and support for participating students. This grant extension would provide materials and training for staff to teach Geometry next year to students currently in the program learning Algebra. John, Dan, and I discussed this option with the grant leadership and intend to continue our participation into next year.  We agree it makes sense that if struggling students are successful in their first year with this program that we continue to offer it into their second year of mathematics.

New K-4 Report Cards:

In preparation for the upcoming reconfiguration, last spring, we drafted new K-4 report cards. The goal of the redesign is to ensure parents understand clearly their child’s progress in a concise and meaningful way. Staff reviewed the final draft this September and secretaries are updating the documents in Skyward.

The new version is not drastically different from the old, other than it is more concise and parent friendly. The new version will be used beginning with the first grading period this year.  

Reconfiguration Update:

A district team has met to outline decisions and tasks that need to be addressed in the process of reconfiguration. Each member of the team is responsible for aspects of this undertaking. One such task is developing a plan for staff transitions should we need staff to change grade levels or shift buildings. To this end, Denise, Ingrid, and myself developed a staff survey. Unsurprisingly, staff are very willing to teach other grades in their building and prefer to stay in the school they currently reside. While we don’t yet know what the new configuration looks like, this bit of information will greatly help principals and has given staff a voice in the conversation. We expect that as decisions are made, staff may change their minds and ongoing conversations will occur within the buildings. Ultimately, and most importantly, staff have a voice in the process.

New Hire Survey Update:

Each year, I meet with our most recent newly hired staff. I spend about 15 minutes with each seeking their feedback on their transition into our system. The message from our new hires is unanimous, they feel highly supported, they are not overcome by any challenges, and they ultimately all see Woodland as their new home.