Mon Oct 22 2018, 5:30pm
WHS Room 2203
Regular Meeting


Student Representative Report

To: Board of Directors

From: Hannah Landrigan

Date: 10/22/18

RE: Student Representative Report


Hot Topics:

  • Advisory change
    • Last year the school decided to change advisory from after 6th period (which was in effect for just one year) to now after 2nd period. This isn’t a popular change with the student for numerous reasons. To briefly summarize the main points of the students’ argument we are concerned with how this impacts our education, how dramatically the Cascadia Tech Students and Running Start students are affected, how athletes are affected and how the school is now more disconnected as ever. ASB is working alongside Mr. Shoup and Mr. Uhlenkott to try to come to some sort of understanding or agreement
      • UPDATE: I am working with Mr. Shoup to send out a survey to all of the students asking how they have liked the advisory change to get a better understanding of how the whole school feels.
    • After school dances/activities
      • To increase school spirit and to increase attendance at games. ASB is working alongside Mr. Uhlenkott to try to make this possible while keeping in mind board and school rules.
        • UPDATE: We have contacted the Beaver Boosters and hope to have an after game dance ran completely by parents and boosters at the next home game. We’re hoping if this goes well then we can do some during basketball season to raise the attendance during that season.
      • Student Section at Games
        • Due to the increased attendance and participation at games we are suggesting as an ASB that the student section be:
          • 1) enlarged by including the section to the left
          • 2)marked better so people who come from other schools know where to sit (Visiting Student Section, Visiting Parents, Home Parents, Dub Squad Student Section, etc)

Events Coming Up:

  • The fall play: “Game of Tiaras”
  • WHS Connect Night
    • WHS Clubs, Sports and Jostens (Senior Gear Suppliers) come and set up tables so that parents and students can come and learn more about their school.
    • Wednesday, October 24th at 5 pm
  • Winter Sports Starting
    • Boys & Girls Basketball
    • Boys & Girls Wrestling
    • Competition Cheer
    • Competition Dance

Events That Have Happened:

  • Sports
    • Volleyball
      • League: 7-2 Overall: 9-2
    • Football
      • League 3-1 Overall 6-1
      • Projected to be seeded 2nd in our league!
    • Boys Golf
      • Just had districts-awaiting results.
    • We have elected a Running Start Correspondent: Audrey Adams
    • Homecoming!
      • Homecoming Queen was Audrey Adams
      • We got a limo company who will provide a limo for the court for the next few years for free!
      • A landslide victory from the football boys.
      • The dance was long due to the game ending early which was awesome!