Mon Oct 22 2018, 5:30pm
WHS Room 2203
Regular Meeting


Second Reading and Approval of WSSDA Recommended Policy Updates

These policies are presented at second reading for final consideration.

Administrative Recommendation /MOTION/ "I move we approve revisions to policies as presented."

Policy 1400— Meeting Conduct, Order of Business and Quorum:  Largely grammatical and organization changes.  One added subsection regarding public comment on page 6

Policy 2190— Highly Capable Programs:  Additional text and mirrors changes to the state law and reflects our current practice

Policy 3143— District Notification of Juvenile Offenders: Reflects changes to state law and provides additional clarity on who should be notified regarding juvenile offenders

Policy 3144— Release of Information Concerning Student Sexual and Kidnapping Offenders: Clarifies notification requirements for juvenile sex and kidnapping offenders

Policy 3241— Classroom Management, Discipline, and Corrective Action: Policy changes reflective of substantial change to state law.  Administration elements moved to the procedure. Update procedure 3241P in a redline & blackline.

Policy 3410— Student Health: Minor change to clarify health care provider

Policy 3412— Automated External Defibrillators (AED): Clarifies the training requirements of schools with AEDs

Policy 3413— Student Immunizations and Life-Threatening Health Conditions: Deletion of a portion on exclusion from school and replacement with legal references

Policy 3414— Infectious Diseases: Minor language cleanup, change reference from physician to a licensed health care practitioner

Policy 3416— Medication at School: Significant language cleanup, reorganization, an addition of specific references to types of medication

Policy 3420— Anaphylaxis Prevention and Response: Addition of language regarding the potential for a life-threatening reaction

Policy 6210— Purchasing Authorization and Control: Very minor cleanup of language

Policy 6230— Relations with Vendors: Minor language cleanup and clarification

Policy 6500— Risk Management: Minor language cleanup

Policy 6630— Bus Driver Training and Responsibility: Reflects changes to law and reflects current KWRL Practice.

Attached Files:
1400 Final.pdf application/pdf 185K
2190 Final.pdf application/pdf 114K
3143 Final.pdf application/pdf 264K
3144 Final.pdf application/pdf 152K
3241 Final.pdf application/pdf 144K
3241P Blackline.pdf application/pdf 295K
3241P Redline.pdf application/pdf 712K
3410 Final.pdf application/pdf 136K
3412 Final.pdf application/pdf 115K
3413 Final.pdf application/pdf 149K
3414 Final.pdf application/pdf 141K
3416 Final.pdf application/pdf 150K
3420 Final.pdf application/pdf 120K
6210 Final.pdf application/pdf 7K
6230 Final.pdf application/pdf 136K
6500 Final.pdf application/pdf 142K
6630 Final.pdf application/pdf 148K