Wed Feb 24 2021, 6:15pm
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Human Resources Report

To: Michael Green

From: Vicky Barnes

Date: February 18, 2021

Subject: Human Resources Report

The last month had many training opportunities for me due to the remote availability of these classes. I have regularly accessed training on diversity, investigations, bargaining, and other topics that help me in my position. I also spent time reading a very in-depth book on Family Medical Leave which has been very informative and has been useful in making sure we are compliant with the many requirements around this act that is used by our employees.

COVID tracking and response is a part of my daily duties. I contact any employees who indicate through the attestation they have symptoms on the CDC list and give them the next steps in being able to return to the building. I also help contract tracing when we have an employee who tests positive to ensure our employees continue to be informed and safe.

As we move forward with having students back in the building I have worked with employees who have been working from home as part of reasonable accommodation. Revisiting the accommodation allows me to give them their options and discuss any concerns they may have. I work closely with Scott Landrigan to provide additional PPE to employees who fall into a high-risk category according to the CDC to ensure they feel safe and protected.

I also had the opportunity to educate students in the teaching program at Lower Columbia College on how to be successful in the “new” world of remote interviewing with the training I created called, Tips to Triumph through Technology. The teaching was done remotely and I had so much fun! I will do the same teaching at WSU in March. I really enjoy teaching these classes to better prepare students and it has an added bonus of putting our district in front of soon-to-be teachers in the hopes of deepening our pool of applicants. 

Lastly, I worked with some employees who were having differences that were impacting their ability to work well together.  Through training and conversation, I was able to encourage restorative conversations that moved them forward in their differences. Having the opportunity to see positive outcomes brings balance to some of the harder parts of my position.