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Student Representative Report

To: Woodland School Board

From: Camila Avelar

Date: 2/18/21

RE: WHS Board Report

Details in this Report

  • ASB Meetings 
  • Announcements
  • Online School Survey

ASB Meetings

Since January we have had our first and second ASB Meetings. During these meetings, our main goal is to get student concerns, input, and ideas on how to improve the school. Some concerns brought up in those meetings were the communication of information to students and how to get that information out. With the help of our ASB team and meetings with Dr.Pearson and Mr.Uhlenkott, we have made improvements in getting information out which will be discussed in the next topic. 


With the concerns of communication coming up in ASB meetings the ASB officers brainstormed and came up with 2 ideas that are currently running now. The 1st being updates on COVID numbers and how that affects hybrid learning, sports, etc. Dr. Pearson has been giving weekly COVID number updates through a video that is shown during CLC. They have been very helpful for students to understand how covid cases in our county affect us and the possibility of going to Hybrid learning. The 2nd announcement is weekly bulletin videos. When students were at the school, we heard the bulletin every day through the intercoms but since we do not have that luxury anymore it has been difficult to get these announcements out. We do have a bulletin document that is shared with students weekly but knowing students not many check their email. With the help of ASB officers, our Historian Addie Landrigan makes a weekly bulletin video that is shared every week during CLC. Many students and staff have said how helpful the video is to receive announcements. 

Online School Survey

With having a full semester of online learning I wanted to see how students felt about it and any questions they had for the Hybrid Model. This survey was sent out to all students and here are the questions asked and the responses.  

  • How excited are you to go to your online classes?

  • With work assigned, do you feel like you are getting more or less than last year? 

  • What was the toughest part last semester?

  • How engaged with the school do you feel this year? (Ex-Getting information on news about the school, updates, opportunities, etc.) 

  • How difficult or easy is distance learning for you?

  • What do you miss most about school?

  • What do you like about online school right now?
    • Most common answers Flexible time, At home, and going at your own pace

  • What do you hope changes going into hybrid scheduling?
    • Most common answers Friends/face to face interactions, more help, and amount of workload 

  • What do you hope to see during the Hybrid Model? 
    • Most common answers same level of communication to people virtual and at school, Proper safety protocols, and normal class time. 

  • What are you most concerned about going to a Hybrid Model?
    • Most common answers COVID, more workload, and going back online

One thing to take out of this survey is that students are for the most part are excited to go back but still are concerned about COVID and the workload. If students go back to school with more of the workload they are getting now students will start shutting down and not want to be there at all.