Wed Feb 24 2021, 6:15pm
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Columbia Elementary Report

To:  Michael Green, Superintendent

From: David Starkey, CES Principal

Date: February 18, 2021

RE: Columbia Elementary Board Report

  • Return of K-4 Students

    • CES has and continues to prepare for the return of all students in grades K-4. We have been working hard on setting up classrooms and gathering the needed supplies and materials to make this a smooth transition. I have met with K-1 teachers about the transition, and with the support of others, we are helping and supporting staff in the needed areas. The plan is to continue to work alongside teachers as we continue this transition in grades 2-4.
  • Enrollment Continues to Increase
    • As our schools continue to open up with face-to-face learning, our student enrollment is increasing as well. Many families who have had their students learning virtually have made the decision to return to CES for face-to-face instruction. We have gained roughly 12 new/returning students back to CES over the last week.

  • Positive Behavior Intervention and Support

    • PBIS continues to grow at CES. We as a school are sending three staff members to the Northwest PBIS conference next week. As a school, we have transitioned our PBIS focus from staff recognition to student recognition. We are now continuing to recognize both staff and students in multiple ways. In January alone, we recognized over 40 students for excelling in our focus area of "being safe." February's recognition is around being "respectful." The goal is to include various key community members to be a part of our student recognition programs.

  • Focusing on Academic Growth

    • CES continues to look at academic growth among its students. I am working with teachers around their Student Growth Goals while instructional coach Ashley Kleinschmidt continues to lead data meetings with teachers in grades K-4.  Data meetings have occurred both individually and through grade level department meetings. Staff continues to do a great job analyzing their data and are eager to identify ways to improve it.