Tue May 29 2018, 5:30pm
WHS Room 2203
Regular Meeting


Summer Board Meeting Schedules

By policy, Meetings are scheduled on the second and fourth Monday of the month.   Looking forward to the summer months there are several personal schedule conflicts with family vacations and other events.  

June 25, Regular board business meeting:  At least two directors will be out of town and unavailable.

July 9, Regular board work session, Topic—Budget planning: at least two directors will be gone.

July 23, Regular board business meeting: At least two directors will be gone


  1. Presuming we have a quorum for these meetings we continue as scheduled
  2. Hold "Consent agenda approval" meetings presuming a quorum is available
  3. Reschedule meetings to alternate dates, Perhaps July 30.
  4. A blend of options 1-3

Please bring your personal calendars to the meeting and be prepared to discuss how you wish to schedule summer meetings.