Mon Oct 13 2014, 5:00pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


TEAM High Report

To:         Michael Green

From:    Dan Uhlenkott

RE:        TEAM High School Update

Date:     November 13, 2014        


Jim Avino left us late in August for a teaching position at an alternative school in Washougal which has decreased his travel time significantly.   He misses the students and still asks for updates on many of them.  We consider ourselves to be very fortunate to have hired Mia Nigro (graduate of WHS) to replace him.  She is highly qualified in English and the many areas needed in Social Studies.  On the first day she quietly sat back and observed for about 2 minutes before jumping in with both feet to help students and Mary Burnett.   She is ambitious, smart, hardworking and faces challenges head-on.   She relates very well with students knowing when to be strict and when to be compassionate.  Watching her in action is like watching a veteran teacher of 10 years in the classroom.  She is special and I am very pleased with her performance this first month. 

Our entire TEAM High Staff will be attending an alternative school conference sponsored by our state association (WALA) on November 6.  By attending we hope to learn the minor changes dictated by the state so that we stay in compliance.  We don’t have to travel far as it is in Vancouver at the Clark County Skills Center.