Mon Oct 13 2014, 5:00pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


September 22, 2014 Regular Meeting Minutes



September 22, 2014 5:00PM
Regular Meeting-District Meeting Room



Janice Watts, Jim Bays, Tina Cayton, Kurtis Patterson-Student Representative, Michael Green-Board Secretary and Tegan Steen-Recording Secretary



Stacy Brown, Asha Riley and Kelley Wilson.



Jim Bays moved to excuse Jeremy Stuart and Matt Donald from the meeting.

Tina Cayton  yes
Jim Bays  yes
Janice Watts  yes  carried



Tina Cayton moved to approve the minutes of the September 8, 2014 regular meeting.

Janice Watts  yes 
Jim Bays  yes
Tina Cayton  yes carried



Student Report
Kurtis Patterson reported that the Cross Country team won its first award this weekend in Seaside, OR.  Boys took second overall. The WHS Football team is undefeated. Homecoming princesses will be crowned this Friday. Mrs. Conditt was in the finals for best teacher in the State of Washington. There’s a big volleyball game tomorrow, WHS vs RA Long. A lot of guys are going to paint their bodies and the newspaper may be there to do a story for the student section. Mr. Uhlenkott mailed the Columbian, but doesn’t know if they’ll be there or not for sure.  The Board discussed Kurtis’ report.

WHS Construction Update Report
Kelley Wilson gave a report on the WHS Construction. He discussed building construction progress, schedule, review of financials and critical issues with the Board. He said that things are on schedule and that they are about halfway through the construction process. There were no change orders for the Board to take action on for this agenda.  There was no change in critical issues. Michael said that the parking lot was being paved today.

Financial/Enrollment Report
The Board had no question about the Financial/Enrollment report.

SEC Municipalities Continuing Disclosure Cooperation Initiative
Stacy Brown discussed the SEC Municipalities Continuing Disclosure Cooperation Initiative. She received information regarding this back in March and received notification of the initiative from two of our bond underwriters and the District’s bond counsel last month. One of the bond underwriters said they were self-reporting because of what they believed was a potential compliance issue. However, bond counsel said that the District does not have to report because the issue (a late filing), came to light before the bonds were issued in August of 2012, and was disclosed as such, in the Official Statement.  This issue of late filing was considered immaterial . The Board reviewed the memo from the bond counsel that explains why the District is not self-reporting. Part of the documentation that the bond counsel suggested was a Post Issuance Compliance Policy, which is on tonight’s agenda for first reading. The Board discussed this.



Michael Green said things around the District are moving very fast. The big thing on the plate of Administrators is making a plan for the reconfiguration of the buildings.  Jim Imhoff has been hired to be project manager for this.  Tina asked if Jim had does this type of work before. Michael said that Jim had been an administrator during the last reconfiguration. Jim has been working on timelines and working with Administrators on forming committees for this work.  They have just started the process. It is a very large project. Michael said that ESD 112’s Communications staff will be working with Administrators tomorrow for the communication piece of the project.









Tina Cayton had a citizen ask her about class sizes at the WIS school. The citizen thought class sizes were too large and wondered if the District was going to do something about it. Michael brought data to the meeting that showed that WIS is not understaffed and class sizes have not gone up.



Goal 1 Report (High Quality Teaching and Learning)
Asha Riley presented the results of student 2014 assessments and what schools are doing to improve.  Woodland Primary School is working on improving math and reading. Woodland Intermediate School developed a restructured intervention system and continued to train staff on how to provide intervention supports to students. Wood Middle School prepared students for the increased rigor of the new assessment system and instructional math coaching to each math teacher. Woodland High School science department focused on the content of the biology standards and assessments and provided instructional math coaching to each math teacher. Yale increased time for grade level instruction in math and reading. Lewis River Academy increased interventions. The Board discussed Adequate Yearly Progress with Asha. She said that with the reconfiguration of schools, some schools could reset their status next fall. Schools will continue with improvement strategies and prepare for the Smarter Balanced Assessment, which is a new State assessment.

Policy No. 3241 Revision
This policy was presented at the last Board meeting. But, WSSDA published their version after that meeting. It moved a lot of the process into the procedure. The policy is more straightforward. But, due to so much change from the first reading, Michael decided to put it back on as a first reading of the policy, to move to second reading and approval on the next agenda. 

Policy No. 6700 Revision
Michael said the he reviewed this policy after there were questions regarding food in schools. He checked the WSSDA policies and saw the update, which includes information on smart snacks and the competitive foods in schools. This is directly from the WSSDA template. It will be on the next agenda for second reading and approval.

New Policy No. 6915
This is the new policy recommended by the District’s bond counsel. This will help to clarify post issuance compliance for governmental bonds in the future. There may be some legal references added to the bottom of this policy for next reading, but the substance will remain the same. It will be on the next agenda for second reading and approval. 



The Board discussed the consent agenda. See attached.

Tina Cayton moved to approve the consent agenda.

Janice Watts  yes
Jim Bays  yes
Tina Cayton  yes  carried



Second Reading and Approval of Policy No. 2410
This policy is the same as what was presented at the last meeting except for minor edits. 

Jim Bays moved to approve Policy No. 2410 revisions.

Tina Cayton yes
Jim Bays  yes
Janice Watts  yes  carried



President, Janice Watts, adjourned the meeting of the Board of Directors at 6:33pm.


Secretary to the Board







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