Mon Feb 10 2014, 5:00pm
District Meeting Room
Regular Meeting


WPS Report

January  2014

TO:                 Michael Green, Superintendent

FROM:           Mark Houk     

RE:                 WPS MONTHLY UPDATE


Common Core Curriculum Efforts

With the leadership of Asha Riley, and Malinda Huddleston, our teaching teams are involved in the practicing of new curriculum pieces involving writing (KG-2nd) and Math (KG-3rd).  This puts a whole lot on the plates of our teams in terms of learning about the Common Core, the approaches of the Writing and Math Programs, how to form plans based on the materials, and actual implementation and reflection within the classroom.

It is heartening to see our teams choose to go this route in terms of doing a little “more” versus a little “less” in insuring our solid transition to Common Core driven instruction!

Thank you, Team!


CAST Update

Our School Team has just emerged from a week of Collaborative Academic Support Team Meetings (CAST).  This activity involves all teachers meeting with support specialists (Principal/Social Worker/Instructional Coach/School Psychologist/Speech Teacher/Special Ed. Teacher and Director/ ELL Teacher, etc….) to examine student learning data.  Each student’s progress is reviewed and considered in terms of progress being made, and instructional and social/emotional supports needed to assist those in need. 


-A highlight of CAST this January was the learning data for our Full-Time Kindergarten.

 As expected, this cohort of students has shown increased academic and social adjustment

 gains over previous years.  What is notable is that the gains reflect more than what we  

 had anticipated – over and above data projections.

 We attribute this to the quality team we have constructed, paired with the quality, in-

 depth professional development provided by the full-time funding.    

 Our Kindergarten Team has come together very well and is doing the hard work

 thoroughly and collaboratively – making the most of this opportunity for our students! 


School Safety

Some have asked about the large mirror we have placed in the main office.  The story behind the story is that this allows our secretarial staff to see behind and above themselves as folks make entry into the main school hallway.  A little thing that enables us to be more aware and responsive to school visitors.