Mon Oct 14 2013, 5:00pm
District Meeting Room Portable
Regular Meeting


Review of WHS bids and selection of alternates


Bids were opened on October 9th for the new Woodland High School.   The purpose of this agenda item is to review the bids and select alternates that the board wishes to include in the construction contract.  The elements of the conversation will include: 

1) a budget overview.   Currently we expect that there is a conservative capacity to spend up to $1.2 million and $1.4 million on alternates.  We are in the process of reviewing all numbers to make sure this estimate is accurate.  We will have more surety on Monday of these numbers.


2) a review of scope of base bid and alternates.


3) a review of bids received


4) a discussion about, and selection of, alternates.


It is expected that between October 14th and October 28th the Architecht and Construction Management team will be review the qualificaitons of the apparent lowest bidder (Skanska) and prepare a recommendation to the board for the october 28th meeting.


To help guide the discussion two docuemnts have been prepared.

1) a tally of the bids that were received (below)

2) a narrative of the alternates that were bid.

3) a spreadsheet that allows board members to see the impact on cost of various configurations of alternates.  In this spreadsheet the user can enter, in column "N" a "1" to select the alternate and a "0" to not accept the alternate.   The impact of the selections is in row 23.   



BASE BID    $44,070,000.00  $42,300,000.00  $43,487,000.00  $42,900,000.00
ALTERNATE BIDS            
  Alt Bid A1: Aux Gym  $1,160,000.00  $1,036,000.00  $857,000.00  $1,065,000.00
  Alt Bid A2:  Indoor Batting Cages  $54,000.00  $36,000.00  $16,000.00  $20,000.00
  Alt Bid A3: Commons Side Curtain  $27,000.00  $27,000.00  $26,038.00  $27,000.00
  Alt Bid A4a: Gym Bleachers  $10,600.00  $15,000.00  $10,000.00  $12,000.00
  Alt Bid A4b: Theater Seating  $17,600.00  $21,000.00  $18,000.00  $18,000.00
  Alt Bid A5: SS Counters  $26,700.00  $27,000.00  $27,000.00  $25,000.00
  Alt Bid M1: Ground Source Heating  $1,273,000.00  $1,233,000.00  $1,297,000.00  $1,300,000.00
  Alt Bid S1: Practice Fields  $195,000.00  $80,000.00  $192,000.00  $215,000.00
  Alt Bid S2: Sythetic Football Field  $551,000.00  $525,000.00  $650,000.00  $630,000.00
  Alt Bid S3: Ext. Batting Cages (no cover)  $22,000.00  $28,000.00  $65,000.00  $61,000.00
  Alt Bid S4: Covered Ext. Batting Cages  $126,000.00  $198,000.00  $155,000.00  $160,000.00
  Alt Bid S5: Cross Country Path   $20,000.00  $25,000.00  $19,000.00  $25,000.00
  Alt Bid E1: Theatrical Lighting System  $43,000.00  $25,000.00  $42,000.00  $42,000.00
Attached Files:
1119 WHS Phase 2 Bid Tab v 2.2.xls application/ 62K
Alternatives.pdf application/pdf 47K
Bond Program Budget Summary for Board Meeting 10-14-2013.pdf application/pdf 21K